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  1. DXBBud

    Goal of the season

    Some superb individual goals to choose from, but THAT goal against Dunfermline was a brilliant end to end team goal that exemplified some of the football the boys have played this season.
  2. DXBBud

    Filling in the Corners

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not expecting to fill the ground week in week out, and i'm not suggesting we do it next week or the club burdens itself with debt that we don't want or need, but the club we have today is a different animal to what we had when we were last in the top flight. I would imagine when the ground was designed the capacity considered some sort of growth in attendances in the future, just wondered where the tipping point for taking such a step would be.
  3. Without trying to jump the gun on remaining in the SPL this time next year, and with the increase in home crowds peaking with a sell-outs of the remaining home games, is it time to start thinking about filling in the corners at Greenfield Road? This is very much a speculate to accumulate issue, but if we can maintain the interest and buzz that is circulating the club from home fans and with the increased numbers that will visit from the ugly sisters, Hibs, Hearts etc. it will be interesting to see how close we get to filling the ground on a more regular basis to justify expanding the stadium one corner at a time, which will count towards returning on the investment.
  4. Absolutely agree as they have backed Jack to the hilt, but would that have happened if they had appointed another dud as a manager? I don't think so.
  5. We have 300K from the Morgan deal plus whatever prize money there is for (hopefully) winning the league. Surely the BOD can see clear to set some of that aside to secure the services of the manager that has breathed life back into the club, provided attractive football that has seen increased numbers through the turnstiles and seen us on telly on a fairly regular basis (generating further extra income)
  6. No, but we can do it in the short-term to maintain stability and get us over the line this season and hopefully into next season in the Premier League. Short term pain for longer term gain
  7. as someone posted earlier, there may have been a clause in the new deal allowing Jack to speak to other clubs if certain conditions applied
  8. How could it have been avoided? The club signed Jack up to a new contract recently and we have no control over when other clubs sack their managers. We could have tried to avoid it by Tony having a word with Jack to bollock him for reviving the club and saving us from relegation last season, and telling him to stop being so successful this season.
  9. or that compensation has to be negotiated and agreed, hence the ongoing board meeting at the 2021
  10. DXBBud

    Dundee United friday

    Like others have said, we are masters of our own destiny. If we keep on winning, or even lapse with one or two draws, it still puts pressure on those chasing to win every game to overtake us which is unachievable as they have to play each other so often between now and the end of the season. Keep doing what we are doing and the rest can win, lose or draw to their heart's content as it will only count towards the minor placings.
  11. DXBBud

    Ross Stewart

    Important to note that while Ross Stewart is doing well and is hopefully developing from where he was in his spell at Alloa, we will hopefully be in the Premiership next season which will need another step up from where we are presently, similar to what has been achieved compared to this time last year to this year. If RS's step up brings him to something approaching the level we are currently at, that could still leave him on the fringes and the subject of a further loan or transfer before the start of next season.
  12. DXBBud

    SMISA March Update

    or this ... although the powder of choice may vary in modern parlance. Think we're showing our age Antrin.
  13. DXBBud

    SMISA March Update

    I agree that we are a struggling professional club that sometimes needs a bit of extra support from the Supporter's Trust and that the Trust's money should be spent in the interests of the club. Cast our minds back a few months to when we had the prospect of a potentially financially lucrative Renfrewshire derby being postponed due to the under-soil heating being broken. The club approached SMISA, who in turn provided funding. Remember the rumpus that created at the time with cries of the money not being used in the manner for which it was intended, or the additional funds that were made available to the club to boost the player budget. I'm not suggesting that the immediate needs of the club should not be the first priority but I see no harm in also putting some of the funding towards generating interest in the club and looking to the long-term as well as the short.