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  1. You honesty think the interview wouldn't be done face to face ? It's football we're talking about so it quite possibly will be face to face, but there is no reason in this day and age why it would have to be
  2. There's a perfect example of why we shouldn't trust Meatloaf lyrics as 2 out 3 have already been proven to really be quite bad.
  3. Given that they already know each other, surely the interview could be conducted by video conference, Skype or by phone. It's not essential that those "present" at the interview are actually in the same room, so it doesn't matter one bit that GLS is on holiday or away on other business. Welcome to the 21st century.
  4. Suspect he's at least 3-4% of it under various guises
  5. Have Coleraine announce the appointment of a new manager yet?
  6. A very dignified and sincere statement under the circumstances
  7. Hasn't this thread gone ever so slightly "off topic"? 😫
  8. True, but it is also what it doesn't say and how the statement is worded that is significant. Doesn't mean we've had to pay out the remaining 2 years of OK's contract, or that he is walking away without an extra penny, but there is clearly an awful lot of anger & bitterness at the situation from the way I read it. I wonder how many revisions it went through before the words "that [email protected]" were edited out?
  9. Got to appease both sides of the great divide in equal measure. God forbid that their delicate sensitivities should be offended ...
  10. Preaching to the multi or non-denominational choir in that article. Only way it could be made more wholesome would be with the addition of a campfire and marshmallows
  11. From the look of that article, he's clearly held in high esteem by the board and fans at Coleraine, and based upon what we saw of him I can understand that. Based on that article, I fully expect him to make the whole journey back to the Emerald Isle on foot
  12. Introducing a whole new concept to "the beautiful game", the pre-season "unfriendly"
  13. Maybe just don't want a repeat of Stubbs raising his head every few months to have a bitch and a moan, and have included something financially advantageous in the deal to secure that, which would appear to be eminently sensible under the circumstances. I think we've had all the headlines we would rather not have for a while, or would that just be far too sensible for our club?
  14. If you were in dispute with your employer, if that's where the club is with OK, would you be happy for them to share the details of that with your colleagues, customers etc? I know I wouldn't. Regardless of the reasons, this is a confidential matter between the club & OK and much as we many of us feel that we have a "right to know", we don't actually.
  15. Can we start a crowd-funding page to get the boy some new jeans, look at the state of those
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