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  1. I'm absolutely not saying that football was not the beautiful game before VAR. The problem isn't just with officiating either, as problems also stem from players who can't act quickly enough to con referees to gain an advantage or influence decision making by nefarious means because of the money at stake in the modern game. We used to only ever see the worst of that sort of nonsense in European competitions and international matches but with every team now fielding an international mix I don't see anything beautiful about that sort of crap in every league in the modern game, quite the opposite in fact. Think about how football would change if a ref was regularly heard to speak to Neymar and the like the way Nigel Owens spoke to Stuart Hogg at St James' Park in the last Rugby World Cup - to paraphrase "you want to roll around like that come back here next week, do it again and you'll be dealt with", then dish out cards for repeat offences. Football could follow the example of rugby where players are brought up to respect officials, and are penalised territorially for extreme offences. A serious clamp down on abuse of officials, and piss-taking by players to teach them that they won't get away with it etc. could also lead to referees being less pressured and as a result being more able to concentrate on getting decisions right first time. Then again, the refs would need the backing of the governing body to support that approach, and what are the chances of that message coming out of Hampden in the foreseeable future?
  2. Surely the game is only beautiful if it is being administered and officiated fairly and to the mutual benefit of all participants and stakeholders, otherwise it is simply a means of a few being allowed to lord it over those on the outside of their "inner circle"? There can be no denying that the standard of refereeing that is allowed to prevail in Scotland week after week is absolutely atrocious, with inexplicable decisions being made to the detriment of those on the receiving end. There was the start of some noise from clubs this season about the problem, but it should not be allowed to just drift away and be forgotten over the summer because the same officials will be making the same poor decisions again come next season. If the price of addressing such a fundamental problem in order to achieve a more even outcome for all concerned is for games to be paused momentarily when a major decision needs to be reviewed, then so be it. Hasn't done any harm to rugby or tennis or even football where it has been used in my view. Guess their governing bodies are just more interested in operating on a level playing field.
  3. There we have it, the old "things even out over a season" argument. Living abroad, the only games I got to see were those on telly or a couple that I watched on SMTV, the rest were followed in real time online. I'm sure we got the rub of the green at times, but I can't recall many examples of where we benefited from clearly questionable refereeing decisions or multiple penalties that we should not have been awarded, never mind getting them in one game. The catalogue of incompetence and incorrect decisions over the course of the play-offs alone was utterly staggering, from blatant attacking corners being given as goal kicks to red cards that never were or should have been, free kicks against us while Arab players got away with the same "offences" over and over. We all joke about OF conspiracy, and favouring "big" teams who think they have a God given right to be in the top flight. I'm no paranoid, tin foil helmet wearer, but when you see posts like that above from the United forum it has to provoke clubs into greater discussion on the quality of officiating in Scottish football amongst those in control as the consequences of the play-offs could have been very different from where we sit now .
  4. Saw the game on telly and feared the worst before kick-off. Have to say that I thought Jones, Paul McGinn, Edwards & in particular Erhahon had stand-out games. Shouted at the screen more than a couple of times when we kept pumping high balls into our strikers from open play and set-pieces. Yes the wind was a big factor, but why play high balls to a striker who is usually dwarfed by the surrounding defence? We need a big, physical presence in the opposition box. Ideally Anton would be that man but he doesn't go up, even for corners, presumably down to not being able to track back quickly enough if there is a breakaway. OK, we're in the Premiership now where everybody is allegedly bigger, quicker, fitter than the Championship so why, in the absence of said big, physical presence do we not play with the ball at our feet like we managed to do quite successfully last year? Although it was another defeat, there were a lot of positives to take from the performance. We just need to do this on a regular basis and the points will come.
  5. Nice bit of business by the club. Been crying out for experience & a physical presence in central defence
  6. Thank God for that. We need Kenny Miller like a hole in the head right now
  7. What about Eck & Gary Mack being told they can find new clubs, errr no they're injured. Looks to me like they are in the same camp as Cammy Smith. Stubbs back-tracked on the rumour but I expect it was a case of no guarantee of first team football so feel free to leave if that's what you're looking for. I agree that no player is bigger than the club and arguably the manager, but why piss off the players that helped create the winning mentality and feel-good factor around the club that put the club back in the SPL without giving them some sort of reassurance? Strikes me that Stubbs was must have had a note from his Mum for the day they did man management during his coaching badges.
  8. It's a horrible thought to consider, but maybe 3 more defeats wouldn't be such a bad thing if it leads to a positive change. I don't get to see games in person but from what I see online and from what I see of Stubbs in interviews I can't see how he can inspire an under-performing team. Appears to blame everyone but himself and from the outside it looks like he is already losing the dressing room given what's going on with McGinn and Smith.
  9. Some superb individual goals to choose from, but THAT goal against Dunfermline was a brilliant end to end team goal that exemplified some of the football the boys have played this season.
  10. Don't get me wrong, i'm not expecting to fill the ground week in week out, and i'm not suggesting we do it next week or the club burdens itself with debt that we don't want or need, but the club we have today is a different animal to what we had when we were last in the top flight. I would imagine when the ground was designed the capacity considered some sort of growth in attendances in the future, just wondered where the tipping point for taking such a step would be.
  11. Without trying to jump the gun on remaining in the SPL this time next year, and with the increase in home crowds peaking with a sell-outs of the remaining home games, is it time to start thinking about filling in the corners at Greenfield Road? This is very much a speculate to accumulate issue, but if we can maintain the interest and buzz that is circulating the club from home fans and with the increased numbers that will visit from the ugly sisters, Hibs, Hearts etc. it will be interesting to see how close we get to filling the ground on a more regular basis to justify expanding the stadium one corner at a time, which will count towards returning on the investment.
  12. Absolutely agree as they have backed Jack to the hilt, but would that have happened if they had appointed another dud as a manager? I don't think so.
  13. We have 300K from the Morgan deal plus whatever prize money there is for (hopefully) winning the league. Surely the BOD can see clear to set some of that aside to secure the services of the manager that has breathed life back into the club, provided attractive football that has seen increased numbers through the turnstiles and seen us on telly on a fairly regular basis (generating further extra income)
  14. No, but we can do it in the short-term to maintain stability and get us over the line this season and hopefully into next season in the Premier League. Short term pain for longer term gain
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