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  1. Sorted, only we could make trying to give the club money a tricky process. Turns out you need to add them individually to the basket. If the Crystal Maze need a new challenge then that site could be it.
  2. Trying 1 adult and 2 children. I've left a message with the ticket office... no reply.
  3. Has anyone managed to register a child's season ticket. It wont let me register my kids and the ticket office is just ringing out.
  4. Can't wait... we may get some more black holes for our cash to be poured into like the shipyard debacle.
  5. If ever there was a time for a reasonable opposition to challenge it is now. This country has none.
  6. And not very accurate. The sponsors logo never had a black border round it. Yeh, I am amazed someone has gone to the trouble of making it and quite a bad fake. The Clydeside sponsor is wrong, there is red bits in between the first couple of letters. They also have the adidas bit a bit out of line and the thing looks see through! Apart form that good stuff 🙂 Wonder if there is a batch on the markets in Spain.
  7. Was k-cool out in the 80s? Is it just me or does that look like a recent reproduction?
  8. I think what will have happened is the system will have shown seats as blocked when in actual fact they havent been. More likely we will now end up with gaps as opposed to double bookings. There was no where near this availability when I called and when I eventually got logged in, hence my panic buying 3 of few remaining seats in the family stand! I have sat in prime seats in W4 since it opened and due to this shambles I am not sitting in my seats!
  9. This goes from bad to worse this ticket situation. Like many others I couldn't get logged in when the scramble for tickets started. The web has never worked well for me since I got my kids tickets. So, I was told when I first called up 1 of my families season ticket seats was available and the other 2 were sold. They couldn't sell me any other seats at the time as they couldn't load the full template. I eventually got logged into the site yesterday around 3pm and none of my families seats were available and the only ones I could buy were in W1 so I opted for the family stand. I logged in just there and 1 of my families seats is available .... a different 1 to what I was told about in the phone call. This is an absolute shambles. The season tickets I bought for me and my kids are utterly pointless. Season ticket since the Jimmy Bone era... giving up this year - utterly pointless. Just can't see the point.
  10. I see the half time school at the mill up near the cricket park is being demolished now.
  11. Anyone remember when Dougie Vipond was a Saints fan... seems to have drifted in the last few years.
  12. They will at least get their chance when fit... not told they are surplus to requirements without him seeing them train/play.
  13. This!!!! I was discussing that very interview at the weekend! It was an utter embarrassment with the fumbling answer he gave. I gave him the very big benefit of the doubt after seeing that but I had my fears after that. I wondered if we had just been spoiled with the definitive talking from JR or if he was really just an idiot.
  14. Performances (and the subsequent results) make you popular. He had every bit the opportunity to do this. Sadly we've had far too few acceptable performances and a team littered with deadwood that are now on long term contracts and we need to offload. I hope HIS staff aren't far behind him.
  15. The record story was paraphrasing some Saints fans tweets from earlier in the day from what I could see! Regardless, the situation is untenable now. Stubbs never had the dressing room to lose. His MO when he came in was to stamp his own authority all over things and eradicate all talk of the previous regime and previous season. This is disrespectful to the players that were continuing and quite stupid in terms of removing the team spirit that can carry you over the line when up against it. Quite simply the feel good factor is well and truly gone from the dressing room to the stands. I get the need to be your own boss but you need to do that carefully, he never actually had a full scale rebuild to do, he only had a bit of quality to add and bit of depth. The guy blew a large part of his budget on deadwood squad fillers that are simply not good enough and would struggle in a division below ours. Time's up and a damage limitation effort is required to stay in the division. "Chippy Paper" my ar$e.
  16. My kids sit in the West Bank. Cost £50 and they are hooked on Saints. That said, buying the ticket was a nightmare - interstadia looks like a high school computing studies project gone wrong!
  17. What a night, the journey there was brutal getting through Glasgow, the journey home was brutal with that mad diversion. Someone mentioned "we play we win" in an earlier post. I never thought about the actual meaning of this before but I really get it now. We didn't play our game last night, we hoofed high balls down the flanks and were obsessed with crossing into the box to run in from the side. I really wish we were more composed and simply took our football to them. Utd are simply awful, on another day, we'd have had 4 off them easily - I know some of their more reasonable fans and they are very concerned! The ball just wouldn't fall for us last night. I'd also start Reilly. His speed was evident when he came on and instantly looked dangerous. Tbh, Mullen has had a couple of great shifts recently but last night just never worked for him, a few others had an off night too tbh. We play our game on Saturday, it will be hard but we will get there.
  18. Anyone got a couple of spare tickets for the west stand? Don't think I'll make it up in time to beat the rush for the last few tickets.
  19. It must have been 2200 -150 = 2050. Bizarre that they never just gave us all the tickets tbh.
  20. Cheers buddy. I don't drive at that time and wondered about the traffic. WAs wondering about the M8 and M80 in particular being busy?
  21. What time are people leaving from Paisley for the game? Half 5 too late?
  22. I think the results are a bit disappointing... seems like if we run this in 20 years time a couple of the names wouldn't be there which says it all.
  23. Wow... if this is as "mad" as it gets these days and there is such a reaction them game over. My days of taking a large flag to games and sitting in the middle of a singing section have long gone but I've personally been impressed by the behaviour of the fans that make up this group. A warning was all that was required. OTT and will have a negative impact to the atmosphere.
  24. Had a look on the council website, the plans are actually on there. The only entry/exit to this site will only be at Wallneuk Road! The units will sit at the back of the site where the trees are growing at the moment with the carpark of the site to the front. The drive through looks like it will be close the entry/exit point (naturally). Even if they ran one up into Gallowhill that would take a bit of pressure off for those heading East. Good point on the cinema/theatre causing more traffic but hey it's progress on what are 2 eye-sores.
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