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  1. Looked at the proposal, checked Kibble as a charity and happy to vote in favour. As previously mentioned we still own the majority of shares. In the unlikely event Kibble, after a 160 years, go to the wall we could buy their stake !
  2. May be wrong but thought United defender touched onto McGinn whose deft touch returned to Morgan either way great finish.
  3. Watched the game from the sofa in darkest Essex. After what was a poor start first half thought we stepped up in the second half and by pressing United were by far the better team. While Morgan gains the plaudits thought McGinn and McShane were the two who kept the game moving. McGinn’s ball to Morgan for the second was the pass of the game. Back four looked comfortable and in first half across the line were first class. Penalty may have been soft but would have been disappointed if we were not given one like that. Seen Samson’s save a few times now and it just looks better on each view. The depth of the squad is excellent for a club with our budget. Compared to United we had a better mix of experience and youth. Though the first eleven did not need any changes until the last 5 mins,which were only to run the clock down. Credit to Jack and his staff they know when to make changes and when to have faith in the team on the park. As for the “experts” on BT they give their views and that is all it is a view. Sutton cannot help trying to be controversial, think he likes an argument . Should probably join the Forum [emoji6] Any way on to Tuesday and another tough game but one that we can get something from. For me at work I need to find a way to watch any sensible suggestions welcome.
  4. Merry Christmas to all fans of our wonderful club from deepest Essex [emoji319]
  5. Looks good to me, black & white stripes were what everyone on here wanted. Seems people are whinging about how it was communicated after bumping there gums about it being late. Irrespective of what the board or commercial team do it will never please everyone. Waiting for the flak on the official launch, away kit not being released, cost, availability, etc.
  6. Great news and for those who are still not with us, come on board ! #COYS
  7. To me, who has signed, it is simple you make your own mind up . We all have our own opinion but no one can see the future.Like any investment it is a matter of judgement and this case faith !
  8. I'm in, to easy to find the negative in the bid the alternative is not worth thinking about.
  9. Just seen the highlights and after following Twitter feed yesterday, was interested to see the incidents. Sending off was harsh, the tackle on Thompson earlier in the highlights was worse and should have seen a yellow. Well player flew in again and at that speed would think it hard for Thompson make the challenge intentionally he was sent off for. Goal from the corner was inconclusive from the TV angle for me. Though reaction of Well players seemed to support the argument for. Penalty decision while he may have gone down easily, as they say, seen them given. #Believe
  10. I was all for keeping Danny however as mentioned his contract ended. He was not sacked or had his contract terminated that is how the world works. In agreement with other posters I support St Mirren endure the lows and enjoy the highs.It is not a rational arrangement but one I have gone into without asking for guarantees. Do not expect people to agree with this latest announcement but disappointed with the attacks on the new management team. Was always told by Dad that in following St Mirren you have to keep the faith and that is what I have done for more seasons than I can remember. Let's move on.
  11. My opinion on the budget he had, and you are correct I am unaware of any club's budget for players. Though did say clubs of a similar stature, you filled in the gaps. Forgot all about Imrie so stand corrected on that one. It is my opinion to keep Danny you may think otherwise. That is what makes football great we all believe we can do better than everyone else.
  12. Unlike the majority I only attend a couple of games a season and rely on Sky and BT Sport to see St Mirren. That said I cannot see any sound argument to replace Danny other than we should do better than other clubs of a similar stature. My own opinion is Danny Lennon is doing a good job with the budget he has. The youth set up is now paying dividends and Danny has given young players the chance to play for the club, let us see how that can continue. While I agree some of his signings have been poor others have played a great part in the team over the last couple of years. St Mirren are not in the market to pay money and need to make do with players out of contract and loans from other clubs. Only need to look to Spurs that spending £100m on players is not a guarantee of success ! So If Danny goes who next and what expectations do fans have ? From reading the forum over the years we should finish top six and expect a cup triumph on a more regular basis, if only. Whatever happens I will thank Danny for his time at the club bringing a great day out last year when I got to dance around Hampden with my two sons. COYS
  13. Great response from our club behaving I the correct way. Let us all join them on the moral high ground and stop the jibes at what we think of DUFC and they way they run their club. Makes the cup game interesting though !
  14. Can only echo what everyone said. Down in Essex colleagues and friends alike have been congratulating me and St Mirren on the victory. There is an understanding that following the so called little clubs fans deserve there day. I had a great day and watching the clip brought back the whole fantastic experience. After years following the Saints including,,every round home and away of the Anglo Scottish victory last week was another to cherish. What next, who knows but if we keep the current group together and Danny at the helm I believe the club can move on.
  15. Just back home in Essex and reliving yesterday. Had a great day came up with my two sons for what was one of the best experiences anyone can have. Everything you read in the above posts makes you realise why we follow this club. We do it because we BELIEVE that once in awhile all will come together and we can enjoy and savour the moment. On the game itself it was typical St Mirren make it hard for ourselves. However this is a team that tries to play football on the grass not in the air. Stick with this and who knows we can do this again. Off to watch it again on tv, again and again and again.
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