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  1. I think the Big Bopper was J P Richardson. Not sure what the J P stands for though.
  2. Was that the game against Hamilton Accies?
  3. That will be another mistaken identity appeal then.
  4. The "goal" in the Semi final replay at Hampden?
  5. Did Willie Collum emerge from the vehicle unscathed? [emoji1]
  6. Thought we have played well. Created at least 3 great chances.
  7. Disappointed that Jack has moved on however an opportunity like that may never come round for him again. The 20 months has seen us pull off the great escape and go on to be Champions. He may still surprise us by buying John McGinn from hibs for 6m.
  8. I see this thread recurring every month.
  9. Looks like he will miss the Falkirk game on the last game of the season.
  10. What I remember about that game was was the Saints fans being moved to another part of the ground as the scum started chucking coins and stuff at the Saints fans over the segregation fence, then started climbing over the segregation fence to have a fight.
  11. Maybe not the best flowing football, but 3pts. Good team performance.
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