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  1. I’ve managed to buy two general sale tickets online. Heading along to the stadium to see if I can pick them up as I’ll have no chance tomorrow or Thurs during the day.
  2. First match since the Livi game for me (haven’t made any due to work). 3 points please [emoji1320]
  3. An actual winger [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] Is there some kind of requirement for you to constantly belittle any sense of optimism whatsoever?
  4. What about it? We had 4 chances before that even happened. [emoji849]
  5. Based on his interviews, it’s something OK feels he needs at the club - someone who knows the lay of the land and can help provide advice and help with recruitment in Scotland. OK will still be picking the team, the tactics, and have the final say on signings by the looks of it.
  6. More here: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3195404/gus-macpherson-st-mirren-queens-park-technical-director/
  7. Suppose we’ll never really know that. Maybe it will be just a part time role. Or maybe he’ll have other duties on the go as well. Could be overseeing the football operations side of things. Kearney seems keen on it. Let’s him get on with the job of sorting out the mess Stubbs has made. All for it.
  8. Depends I guess, different clubs have them for different reasons. Imagine he’ll be dealing primarily with recruitment and perhaps overseeing scouting.
  9. "Didn't get much of a say or much coaching time" Why bring in an assistant if you don't let him coach? Stubbs didn't do himself any favours did he? Aye I'd be fine with Nicholl being part of the staff.
  10. Haha. I’m rarely ever ITK so let me have my moment! [emoji23]
  11. He’s going to take the job guys. No ifs really. Understand there’s still a lot to sort out at his end, not so much with Coleraine but with the school he works at.
  12. He’s away with the Scotland U19s apparently. So hasn’t been around the club in order to be sacked yet!
  13. Not nailed on, negotiations ongoing with Coleraine. Doubt he’ll be in for the weekend but should be in early next week. Provided that he accepts the offer...
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