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  1. Rare footage of Jak Alnwick on his morning walk tomorrow after that beast of a save in injury time...
  2. If you don't take your chances, this is what happens. Story of our whole season really...
  3. Because of a fantastic save. He did absolutely nothing wrong.
  4. Disgraceful from Gollum. Hand not beside the player's body, clear penalty.
  5. Shocking lack of basic control and touch multiple times toward the end there. Professional footballers should be able to control the ball, our team should be embarrassed at the standard they played at today.
  6. If the players on now had been on from the start we probably wouldn't have left ourselves such an uphill task. Hopefully can still grab a point here now.
  7. This is really, really poor. I feel bad for any non season ticket holder that has paid for this game. Possibly the worst performance of the season when considering who we're up against.
  8. This side we have out is not working. Better options on the bench. Shocking defending and poor positioning and reactions from the keeper at their goal. Changes needed at half-time.
  9. Brilliant. Really lived dangerously throughout that whole game, but somehow made it through!!
  10. Jesus, ANOTHER chance blown to win it at the end. Normal time and extra time. If we don't win this on penalties we really have shot ourselves in the foot!
  11. Very, very poor performance in extra time. Need some huge luck to get anything here. The team have let themselves down tonight.
  12. This is the danger you leave yourself in when you don't take your chances. Wrong decision from the referee, but we shouldn't have been in this position to begin with.
  13. Why do we make things so hard for ourselves? Two relatively simple chances to win the game with a minute or two to go. Kyle's final pass shocking again. Hopefully redeem themselves with this free kick!
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