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  1. Brilliant save, but I'm going to say this anyway - I can accept giving away penalties to poorly timed, but genuine tackles, but not putting your arms round a player at the touchline and hauling him over. Stupid and needless.
  2. Our midfield seriously need to get a grip. The match is passing every one of them by. Defence is all over the place too. Goodwin needs to get a rocket up them and quickly!
  3. Was about to say that. I don't get it. Can still play with 4 at the back, 4 midfield, and 1 up front, so why the need to sit so deep? It makes absolutely no sense and never has!
  4. Aww no, but I wasn't going to ask for a discount anyway... [emoji1787]
  5. Here just now and about to tuck into my soup and toastie, looks good!
  6. Anyone know who the trialists were?
  7. And out with a whimper. Disappointing from start to finish from the team today, no imagination, no attacking threat, and to be honest no real intensity to our play. Very poor.
  8. I'm enjoying the fact that in the thread on our boxing day game, a few posters on here were slating Obika, and one or two (you know who you are) were saying he wouldn't hit double figures for goals this season. Yet here we are, still in February and he's on 11 (and should be 12 given his goal at Ross County was onside). Best way to prove the doubters wrong is to keep banging the goals in.
  9. So looking at the freezeframe for the second then, it actually WOULD have been offside if we hadn't played him on - although his feet were in his own half, he was clearly leaning forward over the halfway line, and it's any part of the body, not just the feet that count. We played him onside.
  10. My take on Obika, he has no pace, but has strengths in other areas. His hold up play and distribution is good, and he can actually turn, take on and beat a defender. The problem is because of how we are playing he's often doing this on or just past the halfway line rather than at the opponent's 18 yard box. He's actually scored 6 legitimate goals this season, not 5, because his goal against Ross county earlier in the season was onside but incorrectly chopped off, so the stats only show 5. He will get double figures easily if he can stay fit. Think otherwise if you want, but you'll be wrong. I actually like the Obika / Morias partnership. Thought Morias was excellent yesterday, one of our only players who actually presses and forces opposition players to get rid of the ball. I think these two should be the starting forward two when 4-4-2, and Morias kept in the wide position when playing one up front like yesterday.
  11. Completely irrelevant when with 11 minutes to go we're on level terms. Whatever way you look at it, to then lose the match 2-0 is poor.
  12. Yes, but that was the case 2 months ago against Celtic too then nothing afterward. Horribly, it's not just fight we need, but the ability to pick up points to go along with the fight. We've yet again thrown that away today.
  13. So now, unless we somehow luck a goal, all of that effort for 79 minutes is utterly meaningless.
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