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  1. Do you really think that there is all that much between every team in the middle pack from 4th-10th though? Because I don't really. Hearts are marginally ahead of the rest, but Motherwell, Dundee Utd and Ross County? Not for me personally.
  2. Yes, but an important consideration is that at the point we played both of Dundee and St Johnstone, they were both in a fight to stay up. That can be a dangerous time to play those type of teams, yet we professionally dispatched both. So yes, it is a fair comparison when not every team around us managed to do that.
  3. Although not everyone is buying into the manager yet, an interesting statistic is that in the whole league, top to bottom, the only teams in the past five games that have picked up more points than us are the Bigot Brothers and Livingston. That's it.
  4. Absolutely spineless second half after dominating the first. And the same problem as in the past in conceding, backing off and not going to the ball. Unforgivable.
  5. Their goal came off of our team completely backing off far too deep when the ball was in their half. Absolutely criminal, shot ourselves in the foot.
  6. Totally self-inflicted. All over the place and now all of our good hard work from the first 35 mins or so all for nothing. The team need a massive kick up the backside at half time.
  7. Defence and overall shape are all over the place. Need to be completely reorganised at the break.
  8. 1-0 down, all stemming from the linesman giving a throw-in incorrectly to Kelty.
  9. Whole team has been sluggish from start to finish today. Not convinced it was the right starting lineup, and Bringing on Dennis is a like for like sub, so unlikely to change the pattern of play, which is what is needed here. Think the game is gone, need to learn from it and move on.
  10. Okay, cheers, going to send them an email and hope for the best!!
  11. As a matter of interest, was this during this evening, or earlier in the day? Might have to be back in touch with the club tomorrow, as they have royally screwed up at every stage with my season tickets, and I wasn't confident of them actually working, so this evening didn't come as much of a surprise...
  12. Has anyone that was successful in the ballot tried to actually get your tickets? The wording on the email is ambiguous as to if you have to WAIT for match day before you can actually register for them, or if you can get them from now up until 2pm on match day. I have tried entering all three of my and my sons' season ticket barcodes as instructed on the email, and each time it comes back with a message saying that sales aren't open and I can't purchase with the account number at this time. Hoping this isn't just (another) problem with my own tickets, but a wider issue.
  13. Rare footage of Jak Alnwick on his morning walk tomorrow after that beast of a save in injury time...
  14. If you don't take your chances, this is what happens. Story of our whole season really...
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