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  1. Well for now it would be the one who doesn't want me to spend as much from the counter at half time! [emoji23] But seriously, how can the club f**k up something so simple... And even then, mistakes happen, but it's then how you deal with the aftermath that counts. Thus far, the club is failing badly at both. It's embarrassing.
  2. I'm in a similar boats, managed to get two of my three tickets (myself and one of my sons), but my other son's seat sold. So what's the solution? We already have two of the three tickets, one of us sitting elsewhere isn't an option unless the club think it's suitable for ) me to leave two under 6 year olds alone, or me and one of them sit together and send the other under 6 year old to sit alone. Clearly neither option appropriate, and there are no other seats of three together anywhere around, so what's the solution from the club? Emailed Tony Fitzpatrick, and awaiting reply... What a shambles from our club, as usual sadly.
  3. Completely irrelevant when with 11 minutes to go we're on level terms. Whatever way you look at it, to then lose the match 2-0 is poor.
  4. Yes, but that was the case 2 months ago against Celtic too then nothing afterward. Horribly, it's not just fight we need, but the ability to pick up points to go along with the fight. We've yet again thrown that away today.
  5. So now, unless we somehow luck a goal, all of that effort for 79 minutes is utterly meaningless.
  6. It's okay Doakes, I have more legal knowledge in my little finger than he has or ever will have in his lifetime. And that's fact, not opinion. I've also been a company secretary in the past and have a pretty good idea of obligations. That's why I feel utterly comfortable with what I originally said, and stand by it.
  7. Here's the thing. I get the club wanting to check a banner to make sure it isn't something that could be regarded as offensive or criminal in nature, but beyond that it is none of their damn business what message the fans want to project, they have absolutely NO business taking any action or confiscating a banner like this. None.
  8. On another point from last night, our club's organisation relating to the car park was an utter disgrace. Fans with passes not being left in a queue of cars and missing kickoff because they let in too many pay on the day vehicles leaving not enough for those that have paid for annual passes. The club needs to look at this seriously. I missed the first 5 minutes of the game because of them (and in case anybody says I should have left earlier, I was within 2 minutes of the ground at 7:15pm, it was the police and stewards that caused the delays and holdups through incompetence.
  9. I see the second half differently to a lot on here. I believe it would have been nothing other than stupidity to have gone attacking against the 10 men, because Celtic playing on the break or against an open and non-compact Saints would, in my opinion, very likely have nicked a goal or two with their strength and speed. We needed to remain compact and use the extra man not to attack, but to continually use two men to press the Celtic player in possession whilst WE continued to play on the break trying to make runs if they left themselves short at the back, and with luck get a chance or two to nick a goal. That is what Kearney set the team out to do, and he did it successfully. The reason we didn't get two or three more direct chances to score were NOT because of the formation or tactics, but because when we did get forward, which we did on three or four occasions including the free kick, our players either took a touch too many or didn't play an obvious pass when they should have. It was a great job all round, both from the set tactics, and from the players in executing them.
  10. Hoping for the breakthrough performance of preseason and a comfortable 5-0 victory. I'm hoping so anyway since I had a dream last night that we made it to the final... (Unlikely I know!!)
  11. I missed the original call otherwise I would have bid for a place, will try to come along with my son though!
  12. Absolutely love Laurel and Hardy. About 30 years ago my grandmother gave my brother and I two VHS tapes of some of their oldest stuff. One was called 'The laughing 20s', I can't remember the title of the other one, but I adored both of them.
  13. With Anthony Ainley a close second in my humble opinion!
  14. I thought everyone was tremendous today. Just a couple I'll single out - personally I'd have given Stelios the MoM today, thought that literally one or two passes aside he was outstanding. And Baird, who in my opinion has been our most improved player this season, he was very composed and in control at the back. The only gripes I'd have today are the decision making in the final third, which was suspect throughout, and the lull for 15 minutes at the start of the second half where we stopped closing down quickly and were too static. The majority of the game we were excellent.
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