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  1. Got to be up there. The realisation that saints were actually in a major final. Something I'd never really experienced with saints or Newcastle. I say really because Newcastle had reached the fairs cup, FA and league cup finals in my childhood but I was too young to remember much about them and absolutely zero of the fairs cup. Then Ferguson in the final. Not only have we reached a final, we've gone and won it! The 3rd v Celtic in the league cup semi was fantastic too. Knowing that barring a disaster we'd upset the odds.
  2. Judging by some of the reactions in this vid JR needs one or two good results. Particularly venomous, and racist comments around the 10 minute mark. They can have Steve Bruce back if they like.
  3. The wafer cup eh? It's never been the same since they re-named it the Europa league 🙂
  4. Couple of lads, one of them a Scot (Adam Barlow) my wife informs me, were playing bar football. He scored and said 'Mon the Buddies. Other lad said who are They? He simply said St Mirren in reply. I was quite pleased we got a mention to be honest. The little things in life eh?
  5. They're an understandably angry set of fans just now. Maybe they need a scapegoat.
  6. i thank JR for his time with saints. Just soooo wish he'd joined any other club in the world than SAFC .
  7. Think that guy on Monday has tourettes. There was a lot at stake though.
  8. Hopefully at least match Hamiltons result on Saturday. Beat Hamilton then we'd just need to match Hamilton on the last day. Could even lose to Dundee if Hamilton only manage a draw....I think anyway.
  9. A distant memory now but it has been known.
  10. Naturally there's a difference in the levels of affinity with the 2 clubs and that sense of belonging you mentioned means I'm affected more by what happens at NUFC. Its my local team and therefore my 1st love. Having said that I've loved my experiences with the saints over the years. It's the 1st other score I look out for and I've generally got to at least half a dozen saints games a season. Only done one so far this season. TBH the affection of saints fans for Jack Ross, Lewis Morgan etc, and to a certain extent SAFC because that's where they are just now is putting me off a bit. My saints interest stems from a few weeks spent with a schoolmate and his aunt in Bridge of Weir in 1983. Didn't even know where St Mirren played before I went and my only knowledge of them were the team in black and white at the back of my panini sticker album. Got to about 3 saints games in that time as well as watching other games in the area. Loved everything about the club. Love Street was great. Seen a draw at ibrox at new year and loved the way we held the 'big' boys. Should that be bigot boys? ☺ COYS.
  11. I haven't suggested JRs' job should be in any danger. In response to you saying JR seemed popular in the RTG thread i merely pointed out that before a recent upturn in results there were SAFC fans who were doubting him. Even quotes in that thread, from Sunderland fans said so. Many a caller to radio Newcastles' nightly football phone in doubted him. I won't say anything positive about SAFC but i will be honest. There's every chance they'll go up but i think even Sunderland fans would admit it's hardly a given. Don't have to explain myself but to help you understand the concept i'm a season ticket holder at NUFC but occasionally watch saints on free weekends and have done since the age of sixteen, 35 years ago. Different league, different country, don't compete with each other so it's fine by me and i'll continue to do what i enjoy.
  12. If he doesn't get them promoted this season he won't be there next season. I so hope he's not there long, nor Lewis Morgan for that matter. Both did fantastically well for saints but as a Newcastle and StMirren fan I'm very uncomfortable with the SAFC links as you'd imagine.
  13. As some of the posters in that thread pointed out, he hasn't always had the full support of the Sunderland fans over the last couple of months. Could all turn again if they miss out on the ultimate goal of promotion.
  14. I can remember coming up for a game v Clydebank in the 90s only for it to be called off. Had nothing else to do but spend the whole day in the 'hole in the wa' . Ended up a bit worse for wear. Someone escorted me on the train back to central and said I was singing woof woof, black and white army to a dog. We won the re-arranged game 8-0 and of course I wasn't there.
  15. Hard to explain shull. It's certainly OTT but it's just there. I think Boro fans see it more of a derby v Newcastle/Sunderland than fans of either club. That 30/40..ish mile gap means it's a bit more watered down.
  16. As someone Newcastle based who's had a part time love of saints for most of my 51 years, any association with that shower of sh**e obviously appalls me. Having said that, they're a good set of lads and lasses from the bankhouse. I'd like to think most just fancied a day out.
  17. Just got a big mention on 'Total Sport', the BBC radio Newcastle football phone in. Presenter was saying saints fans love Jack Ross. Not sure that's true of all saints fans but hey ho.
  18. Interesting trip. I'm sure Fraser B has a Sunderland connection. What are the thoughts of those going down Saturday? A)Hoping Sunderland win. B)Hoping Luton win. C)Not bothered, just going for a day out and because of the Jack Ross connection.
  19. Great clip that. I miss floodlight pylons. Always remember the buzz of catching sight of those pylons from afar as you approached a 'new' ground.
  20. Quite a difference there. While today was a league one record, it's just another name for the third tier and the Sheffield derby attracted 49000 at that level in the late 70s.
  21. Aye, and 8000 at the FA cup tie with Walsall a few weeks ago.
  22. Newcastle did spend a lot of time along side Oxford Utd in the old 2nd division during the 80's and early 90's. I can also remember visiting the Manor Ground for part of a two legged league cup tie around 1983. A very compact ground with a great atmosphere. They were in the old 3rd division at the time but were emerging as a decent side. Had the likes of Kevin Brock and a certain John Aldridge IIRC. Went on to win the league cup a couple of years later.
  23. Just don't be moving the livingston game. Train tickets for my saints 2018/19 debut are purchased.
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