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  1. Either that or just delete it. The whole sorry affair is a disgrace to the Club's name when we should be riding on the crest of a wave after becoming the current holders of the Scottish League Cup for the first time in our beloved Club's history, not having supporters put themselves in a position where they can be nicked by the rozzers.
  2. All of the above are 100% spot on. St. Mirren fans can't on one hand moan about the behaviour of other supporters inside a football stadium especially the chants and songs they sing and then on the other hand spout out political nonsense. Shouting out that kind of thing is Old Firm-esque behaviour at its best and the person concerned has disgraced the stripes. If you genuinely feel we're above the behaviour of other supporters then f*****g act like it and if you're not prepared to do so go and support some other shite. F**k the Old Firm. F**k Glasgow bigotry and Come on you Saints!!!
  3. The only building to which I had a connection with which was knocked down (that I know about) was the old North Building of Renfrewshire Council Headquarters. That did deserve to be knocked down though the shithole. I "celebrated" it being turned to rubble.
  4. Why? Are you racist?
  5. As long as the soap doesn't slip in front of you, my arse will be safe.
  6. Mind and don't shove yer phone up yer arse otherwise it'll end up with the same virus as yer laptop.
  7. These aliases of yours are getting worse Robert. You really must try harder....
  8. He doesn't clean them. He tutors other people how to clean them.
  9. Did I indeed? I remember replying to your post telling people what to and not to post because you had complained about people doing that. I remember replying to people moaning about everything negative about the club when we've just won the League Cup for the first time in our history. I don't remember moaning about people posting about "liking" and then "unliking" other people's posts. I said that Faraway Saint had done to me many times and you said you'd bet £5.00 on me not being able to prove this and I proved it. You disappeared for a wee while after I'd proved it and never did get round to discussing the £5.00. Funny that? Anyway, at the end of the day we all post just as much "shit" as each other, you included. So if you're going to take higher ground, you'll need to stop posting "shit". Now, don't you have a protest outside some Church, School or Government building to be at?
  10. Good one Cockles! Pozbaird - let's see how a camouflage away strip effort! In club colours of course!
  11. St. Mirin's Academy was flattened. It's not there anymore. The building in that picture is still there though. Here to help...
  12. Says the guy pretending to be a woman...
  13. Hopefully this thread will run for ages with you continuing to make an arse of yourself (nothing new there).
  14. That strip gives me an idea! We should have an Away strip in camouflage style. The opposition won't know what's hit them.
  15. Yes, so have I always thought that. You however grass everybody up who replies to your posts and accuse them of trolling you. It's not called that when you do it. Strange that isn't it Robert?
  16. Where did I call you names?
  17. I stand corrected:-
  18. Well it's funnier than "liking" and then "unliking" all of my posts. Wait you forgot to do it this time. P.S. I hope your laptop is f*ck*d. It doesn't surprise me it has a virus. Did you stick your boaby in it again?
  19. I've been saying for ages that Arbroath has its very own Chernobyl. It was only ever a matter of time...
  20. That was a real kit that African countries that have their official kits made by PUMA were given to wear as a third kit. It was used to promote 2010 Year of Biodiversity and proved a hit with supporters. Whether or not they actually wore it in competitive matches or not I don't know.
  21. Something like this would be good:- Change the colour of the shorts and socks from brown to black though or yellow?
  22. That's the thing though. When you're paying £20 to watch them in Panto every Christmas it's ok then to have a laugh and take the piss out of them but you try singing "Heigh-ho, heigh-ho" to the same people when you meet them at the shops at any other time of the year and they tell you to f**k off and that you're prejudiced. Double standards if you ask me.
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