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  1. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss Harkins and boyd....who called that? (everyone)
  2. dodds.....killie looking comfortable red card for Boyd
  3. To cheer you up......comments from other games how are Hibs? ....Dire ross County are a shambles
  4. haha...your no winding me up....i know you talk shyte
  5. aw c'mon oaky...dont over re-act...its the first game of the season which we lost.....we are never going to win another game...like...EVER!!!!!.... lose the second game and we could go bankrupt.....did i ever mention that armmageddon is just around the corner.... black and white stripes...fade to grey....fade to grey....fade.....................................................
  6. i know this wont go down to well with some of you ...but..i would like to see Barry Ferguson here for a season with Goodwin beside him we would have a great midfield and also free up McGowan to roam about causing havoc just a thought
  7. this happy clapper is still happy and clapping after 2 magnificent days out at hampden,which was......... only 6 months ago ( almost to the day infact) short memories
  8. http://www.camvista.com/england/london/trafalgarsquare_streaming.php try this one
  9. if only Goodwins free kick hit the back of the net instead of the post
  10. all this negativity should be kept for xmas when we are bottom of the league because thats what your all actually saying at least show a little patience and wait to see how things pan out before calling for the guillotine
  11. I honestly think your missing the point we have lost one game no matter when in the season it is adding players to a squad doesnt mean it improves it its only August and people have us relegated
  12. After 2 games?????? seriously???????
  13. Ryder Cup....one of the best excitement fuelled sporting events ever!!!!.....apart from Murray winning wimbers this does not include any game involving the super saints if Murray gets to the US final...yet again we will all be enthrawled with emotion beyond belief if the Ryder Cup comes down to the last two coming down the 18th with the Europeans needing a half This is what its all about.....pure excitement,emotion,enjoyment(not a lot),then the extacy when we win try telling that to some of the trumpets in here when the saints lose a game...and forget what its like to win a cup...short memories...or were you just pished
  14. is it a possibility that we wont be spending big till xmas (if need be) owing to the fact Hearts start 15 pts behind us
  15. Far to many worriers in here To base the coming season on one game?.....glad we didnt win 5-0 gimmie 10th and a cup final 16th of May and the 17th of March still rock for me
  16. Thats they'm drinkin all oor drink noo...bloody typical wee'll be gee'in them the vote next furfuxsake
  17. DL didnt play Carey due to fitness and blubber problems at the start of his term here... Beattie is a tub
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