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  1. know it well walking past it heading to the game down love street way trying to remember,is there still a smaller version in the millerston park,behind the old "park bar" enterence is it still there?
  2. i wish RA would hurry up and buy the club as im sick of listening to rumours that Rankgers are going to buy over st.mirren and our beloved club will be lost forever
  3. i too was sent for the "messages" to Galbraiths @ lochinver cresent
  4. so did mine and he helped build Anderson's house in Linwood oops just remembered...when i was on school holiday one year i worked there for 2 weeks with "pinky Mcguire"
  5. dont quote me but i think he said something along these lines during the week "walter smith is god almighty and ally is jesus christ" bizzare
  6. im glad i dont send you roon the shoaps fur the papers
  7. it emerged today that whyte got £24M from ticketus and put it into "r*ngers group" bank account.....NOT r*ngers football club r*ngers group is one of his companies,,formally named "wavetower"(i think) Bluto could explain it better
  8. and yet your head in the sand attitude stance that rankgers will survive because the SPL will make sure of it totally negates your wee rant
  9. Also means that at 3.30pm today rankgers lose 10pts
  10. oh dear..... your name states "reborn"...are you sure?
  11. is it whyte directly or one of his companies?
  12. Lancaster has gone on record as saying"that rules are rules and that no team (no matter who they are)will adhere to the SFA rules rankgers in div3 and the players will be offski (admin/liquidation automatically rips up all contracts)...so no money gain from player sales,plus rankgers are banned from buying and selling due to admin ipox is owned by who? murray park is owned by who?
  13. with them at the helm....onwards and upwards????? thats like YOU giving your passengers tips
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/scotland/16821348.stm from the 13th minute(ish) onwards.....uh oh!!!! shock horror......although shull will be a very happy cabby hearing this
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