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  1. Commentator…….”those in black and white” please STFU
  2. It’s got to the stage where the performance doesn’t matter and getting the 3 points in any way will do
  3. I'm at match was our disallowed goal offside or another match officials cock up? It wasn’t offside but a foul in the box …… usual ref pish favouring the defender
  4. sps i would play tait at full back and put tanser in midfield
  5. The answer is obvious, play McCarthy at the back and big joe centre forward see…. Simples
  6. Bring tait over to left back push Tanser further forward play jay henderson in front of Fraser and attack down the flanks as going through the middle is easy for hearts …kiltie off Henderson on
  7. They are quoting £5M for left back josh doig then what price cool cat mcgraaaaa
  8. be interesting to see how we fare with the step up in opposition pointless trying to predict the score, its more a guessing game so early in the season except ill be nervous as hell, but for the first time in years im really excited for these players a clean sheet will do nicely
  9. Another striker scores…..well……when I say striker….
  10. I think the black socks could do with white caps at the top
  11. These amateur commentators really should do research before spouting pish
  12. Striker scores and a clean sheet that will do me
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