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  1. SG stayed at the hotel i worked in and said of gillies..."the boy has a massive chip on his shoulder"
  2. is there an e-mail addy that you can forward on dodgy e-mials that are trying to get your bank details from you?
  3. that woman is stunningly beautiful
  4. never you mind ..are we booking it or what??????????????????????????????????????????
  5. watching the new rush tour on "you tube"
  6. the new RUSH cd "snakes and arrows" of course.......el nombre
  7. highlander........try west coaster
  8. grrrr i just posted on the polling/vote thread before i seen this thread...but to repeat myself(sharp in-take of breath) i would rather donate money to the blackandwhitearmy.com and then the site can donate the money from the b&w members to St.Mirren FC...thus giving our beloved forum members some noteriety...... thoughts??
  9. i would rather make a donation to blackandwhitearmy.com then the site in turn can donate it to St.Mirren FC would this work?
  10. one guy that sticks in my mind was that prick who played for dundee utd .....tom brown tackled him (fairly in my mind) and he rolled all over the pitch as if he had just been shot ....THEN....the bastard while on the ground...looked up to the north bank and started laughing.....then started rolling about again...cheating bastard...can remember the whole of the north bank almost running onto the pitch that night and lynching him.
  11. thank god i wasnt a teenager when you old cnuts were..... thankfully i was a teenager when linda was around
  12. when is the league table going to be updated on the home page? c'mon div get yir finger oot ..or fingers..or how ever many fingers you type with
  13. 1.doorman at pub...yir no gettin in yir too ugly....bastards 2.doorman at next pub...yir no gettin in yir too ugly....double bastards 3.doorman at next pub...yir no gettin in yir too ugly...triple bastards 4.doorman at first pub....f**k off i told ye 5.bastard taxi drivers that drive past ye....
  14. 1.football.....st.mirren 2.old mans home....great food when i visit 3.all the lovely paisley woman...piratka 4.best football forum....b&w 5.paisley history....one of the best
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