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  1. Appropriate to be playing this song.... RUSH ... One Little Victory 😊
  2. That guy on comms....fuxsake.. those in black and white those in blue get rid of him
  3. With the fans outside it may put a bit of nervousness on the rankgers players We should go for the throat from the off
  4. Failed to answer the question .... bye bye
  5. Still avoided the question ....they are not all home haircuts... is it right or wrong?
  6. You never answered the question.....is it right or wrong?
  7. Dam right it is ....privileged? tell that to the people who can’t get out or suffering mental distress or people who can’t work and fear losing their house or the people struggling to feed their kids and these f**kers are getting sneaky haircuts in your opinion...is it right or wrong?
  8. Something fishy going on here even the ref Nick Walsh has an immaculate haircut in tonight’s game 2 months to go before salons open how f**kin privileged are these footballers its not right
  9. Extra big effort on Saturday and get the points in the bag then have a full week to recover
  10. You mean the same ones who will be singing our praises if we do finish top 6
  11. The only Paisley man happy tonight is the Dundee utd manager
  12. I don’t think Fraser has had a bad game for saints all season ...solid
  13. 6pm kick off.......👿👿 should of made it an 8pm kick off to give Doyle-Hayes and McGrath more time to recover sack Jim Goodwin 🤪
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