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  1. This is like a dour end of season game it shouldn’t be
  2. What the f**k is wrong with us, keep giving the ball away
  3. A Sains win A fakes win A wee hibs win too, close the gap between the fakes and the dons 😁 Hibs have a GD of -2 we have -13 so for one game we can allow them to win and we stay a point behind and smirking smuggly down at aberdeen who will be 5 points ahead of the play off places and we will be 7 ahead of them top 6 will be gone for them 😆
  4. The wait and kick off time is rubbish can we not play the game now then the semi tonight
  5. March 19th fixtures, all home victories mean 4th for us
  6. i think we are a little disjointed as a team, but i think tonight might go a VERY little way in the right direction (sadly)
  7. Saints a point behind 4th who the f**k is f**kin complaining a win on saturday even i will have a semi 😄
  8. one thing to remember its not SR's team, judge him this coming September
  9. Bizarre 4 points clear of Goodwins team who havent won a game under him in 2022 and yet he was undefeated in 2022 with saints crazy
  10. Has Robinson, in his tenure, scored a goal yet?
  11. The post I hope comes back to haunt the poster …… I hope, no offence 😆
  12. Gogic doesn’t have a pass in him, thank f**k he can tackle
  13. Jordan Jones is officially pish at corners profession player can’t hit a dead ball ……terrible
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