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  1. Persistent fouling ya eejit, but he never touched him
  2. How is that a booking for Bacchus? …..ref is a useless c**t
  3. On the plus side….. Motherwell are shit and their only good player is their goalie on the down side ……John beaten
  4. Every VAR goal HAS to be checked to see if we can get rankgers a penalty
  5. Seriously, we have too much possession we have not had this much possession all season
  6. We have too much of the ball, it’s f**king us up, imagine an Andy Dorman in this team….. WOW
  7. Hey, win tonight and win our game in hand we go 3 points behind hearts
  8. It’s in our own hands now to go fourth but we old saints fans know better 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Robinson will work his magic at half time, we have got this
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