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  1. I think we should all agree ....Obika is pish
  2. I just wish Jim would ask of Obika that he wants a man of the match performance
  3. I honestly believe we were rocked by the McGrath injury jim to enforce a team camaraderie
  4. Exactly right they talk like shellac have been Barcelona we can do this
  5. To play as bad and only 1-0 down to that shower of Shyte speaks volumes we really need to be a lot more controlled in what we are doing mcgrath was a blow and knocked us back a bit would be happy with a point but I think we could get 3
  6. your entitled to think how you please and whatever makes you happy as am i
  7. you said you were positive about our games......then mention "if we f**k up"
  8. you have been supporting the positive thoughts for the past 2 weeks we are now in the position of staying in top 6 with our games in hand
  9. 5 fixtures today and the perfect outcome for saints would be 5 home victories would put us 4pts clear of 7th but more importantly most teams below us will have only 5 games to go before the split after today maybe Div can do that thing when we won the championship where it showed "games to go" and "points gap" including today we have 9 games before the split....it could easily be a FABULOUS FEBRUARY
  10. Jim Goodwin should be an expert watching a team with ten men ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. I donโ€™t understand taking Dennis off then putting a striker on at half time
  12. Can understand the frustration but we can still win we just need to work harder the the team can kick Doyle Hayes haw maws
  13. I thought shaunessy was closer to the goal than Boyle
  14. if results go our way tonight..... we could be 8 clear of Killie and 4 behind Livvy with 2 games in hand Dammit..just jinxed it...we are gonny get pumped
  15. They also have Aberdeen on Saturday so big game there not sure how much of an advantage that will have for tonight i hope they "Hibs it tonight"
  16. It could not be more perfect to come into a good run of form and high confidence when we have 8 games in a month ( 28 days) got to take advantage of this
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