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  1. That boy he dry in the right team would work wonders
  2. 4 points behind 4th 😮 thats mental ( and doable)🙂
  3. it is most certainly a pivotal game because, if you look at the fixtures for Wednesday night a win for us and other results going our way, will be huge and still a game in hand wow....treat it like a cup final, its that important
  4. Holy shit we scored great substitution from Goodwin in the first half 🤣
  5. To be fair the Motherwell commentator is pretty fair in one way I wish it was the Dundee Utd crew just for the laughs
  6. Big joe creeping further up the park…….it’s coming
  7. In kevin keagan stylee I would love it, really love it if we win
  8. Trying not to be negative but I can’t see where our goal is coming from
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