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  1. 19:59 ....check rambling pish about Danny and a new contract....check your drunk
  2. i think the words you said were "we're not close to a top six team"
  3. a bit early to say we wont finish in the top 6 as the season doesnt end till May
  4. just a wee question..but...are you confusing stitch with thatch old boy??
  5. This is sooooo winnable and we will beat murderwell gutted we dropped 4 points at home to hibs and ict ( but its the St.Mirren way) its gunna be a good xmas and a great new year
  6. Wind-up pish name the 5 central defenders? dont bother
  7. And a clean sheet (Lex) only 3 victories from lifting the cup
  8. you were bemoaning changes at the start of the game
  9. Your a jinx Every top man you have either leaves or has a long time injury
  10. aye...hes at the ground tonight Bluto,so getting his info first hand
  11. you wouldnt play him if he had an injury ...triple Doh's and all that
  12. with so much alcohol i just hope your tweets turn out to be sweets and not greets
  13. Ive got to say that i do chuckle when people say "save this player in case he gets injured" yeah..like they dont get injured in a league game....DOH !!!!!!
  14. superior knowledge......but you'll catch up
  15. Well.......thats Engerlaand oot !!!!
  16. Very strange considering Hartley was being "more" than highly tipped for the job somethings not right
  17. This is a fantastic tie to get,by that i mean,We've got it so lets enjoy it Its going to be a belter Tie of the round so would guess some extra TV money coming our way Take a draw right now,then again maybe not....we could be playing for a top 4 European place by then(feb) Onwards and Upwards
  18. not a major worry.......Dilo is the man......he is the boy to get on a long term contract
  19. if he is coming from Arran then its a lot closer from Ardrosson to Dumfries
  20. There is no way Stevie T will NOT sign for another year he still has part of his dream to fort-fill ...... PLAYING IN EUROPE WITH THE MIGHTY SAINTS next season
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