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  1. get your point bud but i still prefer to have Mair as a straight replacement for Goodwin and leave Cheesy and Darren at the back and also leaves Newton in the role that has seen him score twice in 2 games Mair can easily play the Goodwin role plus he is a better passer of the ball (great pass to McGowan against the fakes as an example) only my tuppence worth
  2. We dont need to move Newton as that would mean we would be replacing 2 spots just replace Goodwin with another midfielder and keep the same shape and format that has been bringing in the results simples (its only hibs)
  3. Well.......the international break didnt curse our great run and now the for TV game victory to break all hoodoo's
  4. i have a problem with your analysis Lex you say the management got it wrong at he start but have proved the doubters wrong you mentioned players who in your mind are useless and have no value to the team but what if they have a stonking 2nd half to the season the last 6 weeks has shown me ( although i did have little doubt) what can happen again......wayyyyy to early to judge.....you just never know
  5. its past 6pm why are the highlights no up on the bbc web poor
  6. also a home game against hibs to follow to go 7th so yeah 0-1 to county
  7. as long as we can move them on for big money
  8. tsk....does 2-3 at fir park not count or does it have to be 0-3? l
  9. if i could spell insashable i would say you are just that
  10. If on;y it didnae rain last week Cheers cuntycollom
  11. told you that Murdo McLeod was useless..quote "Goal for St.Mirren out of nowhere,it came from a corner......." What a diddy
  12. Radio cursed it by saying fissel havent won at home all season
  13. if Collom thinks throwing the ball up one metre into the air constitutes football or side footing the ball 4 yards replicates football then he can just f**k OFF
  14. 3-1 to the saints and hope hearts beat the fakes today
  15. your balls are beyond you.....is it an age thing?
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