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  1. fair comment and i respect your opinion,i think the players are starting to believe in themselves which is a good thing.it really is up to them to show some camaraderie when they cross the white line and i also believe we are better than killie,hibs partick and ross county.
  2. BtB how about judging the team on yesterdays performance without the manager in mind......do you think they can get us up the table
  3. I would like to give my opinion on the season so far Firstly,put yourself in DL's shoes in the summer He had a 15pts start and signed Harkins and Cornell and granger with Caprice on loan plus the bulk of the team that won the cup,if i were him i would be in a pretty good place. So he tried his new signings and systems and hoped for a good start,i think,if i remember correctly that Goodwin hit the post with a free-kick before ICT scored three on the bounce....."if only" Anyway thats neither here nor there as the following 5 games just didnt work out for him and Tommy,so his signings didnt work out the way he had wanted....plenty of time for those players to stand up and be counted as i dont think they are bad players... The last 2 games has seen us improve and progress with our favoured youngsters showing some great potential and our old guard stepping up to the plate and doing exactly what they should be doing and well done Danny and Tommy for seeing this and implicating it on the park. yes there is a long way to go but the future is looking brighter and for me i think the fans are getting excited again(for the right reasons) just my opinion
  4. it took him 6 games,yes ONLY 6 games some managers go throu a season and not change so he tried and tested a few systems,they didnt work out well done Danny for seeing this after ONLY 6 GAMES
  5. radio says McGinn could someone confirm please
  6. radio says it was McGowan.....anyone confirm please
  7. Cameron is bricking it because he does not want to lose the money Scotland brings to the Uk Scotland donates 9.6 mil to the Uk ecconomy and in return Scotland gets 9.1mil also... 20% of the power made at Torness goes to the north of England,imagine having to pay us for that!! Its not a question if Scotland can stand alone its..... can England?
  8. Example... McGhee last night "Celtic can still win this even with a man down,if they push their wing backs further forward" Barca score "well you have to blame the sending off for this" McGhee....fvckwit !!
  9. Well first and foremost...dont change the team that played monday night and for all you professional footballers/posters/qualifiedmanagers that slag off players...f**k off....you really are clueless we will win this saturday....i say that as a SUPPORTER !!!!!!!
  10. One thing i CANT understand is why have serco given the present players 4/5 years contracts when they must of known they would run out of money eventually the cash is dwindling and yet they (as a club) pledged to players for the next 4/5 years top dollar(ageing players at that) it just does not compute....not in a business sense anyway
  11. you know that way where you would of taken a point..... well f**k'it.....we want all 3
  12. they are talking aberdeen up so much and giving us no chance its got a saints victory written all over
  13. could do with a wee 2-1 to the saints and boost my predictor by 20pts
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