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  1. Amazing result and hope all the Buds have an awesome night. Mrs Stoi is currently in labour so couldn't make the match. I can confirm that watching St Mirren in a final and supporting a wife thru contractions is more stressful than normally watching St Mirren. St Mirren - league cup winners 2013!
  2. Yep saw that yesterday. Am now at work so that is ok.
  3. Try imdb Anyhow turns out Frank was in it playing himself. Which appears to be man drinking in Geordie club. Film cast.
  4. Big black guy, cockney accent. Liked to hit people, now he likes to write books.
  5. Anyone seen Cass? Fairly sure Frank McAvennie was in the scene set in the Newcastle working mans club.
  6. The invisibility cloak is pretty much invented. There was an article about it in the last week or so. Cant find that, but this is one from last year. BBC Link. Google it, quite a bit of stuff on youtube as well. All to do with bending light waves or something like that.
  7. Stoi

    Top 5 Things To Do

    Magic part of the world! So top 7 then : Walk along Machrihanish and go seal spotting Spend the afternoon in the Feathers putting all your spare cash in the dukebox Hire bikes on a day trip to Gigha and cycle the length of the Island Walk down to the MoK lighthouse and then wonder why as you look back up! Drive back via the East Coast admiring the single lane road and views of Arran Visit the standing stones and cairns in Kilmartin and then drive to Crinan for pub dinner Go to the Scottish owl centre and watch owls eat baby chicks FJ, did manage a pint in the Argyll Arms in Southend, but didnt have the time to visit the Muneroy stores, also didnt win (or attend) the pub quiz. Next time!
  8. Stoi

    Ebay Query

    Cheers Herbie, We are just going to go on the Sunday now meaning i get to see us hump Aberdeen! Dont suppose the Sunday tickets have camping do they?
  9. Stoi

    Ebay Query

    I have never really used ebay before and dont have access at work so not sure the rules. Basically i won a bid this morning for 2 Connect festival tickets for £100. The seller then emailed me and said she actually had a reserve of £160 on these even tho this wasnt mentioned on the ad. She said she had tried to add this. Basically unless i pay her £160 she wont sell me the tickets. Is this not against the rules? I thought once a bid was finished there was a legal agreement? Basically have now missed the chance on other tickets by bidding on hers. Shouldnt have trusted somone from Livinstone.
  10. I know some of the esteemed posters on here are either regular visitors or have been to FJs crib. What would your top 5 things to do on the Mull of Kintrye?
  11. Is it not a better idea to have a look at the settings first and see if they can be chanegd to allow authorised downloads? If no decent anti-virus then NES should try and keep AVG in my opinion.
  12. Vampire Weekend - better than i expected.
  13. Fair enough, and at Sofias prices shouldnt be too hard.
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