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  1. Just read he has signed a years contract with Ayr ! Surely he would have a been a great signing for us??Are we asleep at the wheel??
  2. Sorry, I have always found McIntyre a boring and drab Manager !He doesn't appear to have that fire / passion you need to be a top man , so sorry it's a big no from me!
  3. The Dons fans were very complimentary after Cup game saying we were the best away fans for years!
  4. The Arabs the gift that keeps giving!????[emoji106]
  5. If McInnes goes to Ibrox AFC are looking at JR as his replacement?
  6. Sorry plastic pitches and incomplete stadiums are embarrassing for our game !
  7. This rumour is doing the rounds in Aberdeen!
  8. Well overdue a real gent and a great servant, during a fantastic era for the club!
  9. Hi Div fantastic work looks great!!
  10. Why would Strachan be responsible for not picking Clunie ? My point was a general comment on Scottish National managers over the years, however one Scottish manager was an exception , he did pick young Saints for full the squad ...namely Weir,Thompson & Munro.....the late Jock Stein, PS I don't have any real dislike of Strachan as such just the topic he raised!
  11. Ha ha !..,pre txt is great , yes provincial being the original intent ...but thanks for rest of the constructive feedback ,more in line with my post! Following on from the recent list an older injustice was Jim Clunie who was overlooked in favour of McKinnon who was average , but played in Govan!
  12. No one obviously this Season ! However my comment was based on past years with many good players for Saints who were capped months after leaving us (including McGinn and Kenny) that was all ! Would Tierney be capped if he was at a provisional club? Thanks for all the sarcastic crap, from the usual suspects bye!
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