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  1. Can't blame McCarthy for being a bit miffed given his good form last Season, then finds himself benched for Dunne! It might be tough watching this game trying tell who is St.Mirren A & who is St.Mirren B ?
  2. Re stats we had 15 shots on goal , one on target! I think that says it all! Lets be honest , we are punchless up front , its a real worry as Dennis and Erwin don’t fill me with hope either! Got to win games at home against the Utd’s et al ! Long Season ahead🤢
  3. Oh what waste Hay & Charnley total embarrassment!
  4. Is this Eric Sinclair. Not sure. If it is. Think he played 45mins for us and was shipped out Yes , What a stitch up that was a swop deal Lexy to Dee and we got this waste of space, another great booby by our Club?
  5. Yes , and now we have do go 2 games without one of our best players(again) I think Tait got angry when he started to realise what a mistake he made joining us as we are merde!
  6. I think that will be us finished in the transfer market now!
  7. My Dons mate really rated him, he was spewing when he left!
  8. Great effort Div, cheers look forward to watching it tonight!
  9. Tuned into Sportsound its like listening to Motherwell radio , all they talk about is Motherwell ! Now on a long winded spiel about their Cup winning run🤢
  10. Surely a proper striker would be more of a priority[emoji848]
  11. His vision and passing for a CH are still terrific!
  12. Donald Hunter our goalie in the early Fergie fury's era[emoji106]
  13. Yes Livi are working their socks off and all know what their roles are? The boy Dykes is miles ahead of the 2 rockets we signed as alleged strikers, take a bow Gus and Goody! We are fast becoming a joke ! We need a root and branch clean oot![emoji35]
  14. It’s a serious issue now ,teams will know we canny score in a barrel! And will feel they can roll us over ! Watching the likes of Livi and Ross County,Hammy and fakes ,it’s a joke them all being very relaxed and us push again this Season !
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