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  1. My point was that he made a comment about not going back to the sons and first signing was ,I hope he is a bit more media savvy for the rest of the season but hey ho ! .....good news we are on the recruiting trail and welcome to the club Scott!
  2. Moving back to the title of this thread , Murray said he wasn't going to raid the sons and days later he does ??...not great PR!
  3. Miller turned up as Saints Manager wearing Rangers top on his first day on the training ground , much to the disgust of the squad!
  4. Motherwell when in danger made key quality signings in the window look how McDonald has made a difference ?....and what do we do ?....we sell our best player for sweeties at the last minute (sorry the so called contract terms re sell on seem very iffy to me?).....Aberdeen seemed to be shocked ! Looks like we called them and said he was up for grabs at the last minute all sad.. Sorry we seem to always be behind in drive/initiative with the teams around us and supposedly below us ,,.....a total embarrassment all round in every aspect of the club.....especially given that there 3 bigger clubs missing this season. Maybe deep down we are a big second tier club with delusions?
  5. I think Thommo when fit can do a turn in both leagues,the young lads should be retained and whether we go down or stay up let"s try and give them our support ......sorry great result today but we need a new manager, however it may begged to keep GT as a coach?...but Billy Davies may have other options !
  6. I agree John is not the finished article ,however when no pundits were talking about him 2 years ago people were up in arms now because he is left in a team of no hopers he is being slated along with the pundits who are saying is a fair talent???
  7. Is this the worst ever team in the top league?
  8. He is out of his depth , not his fault he took the job as he is finished as a player...bottom line is as a club we have reaped what we sown from start of the season ...then even when we had the window ....Well & RC bought wisely and we sold our best player for sweeties and took in dross...as an observation ,this is a recurring theme with our club every time when we win a cup we implode 2 seasons later it's a problem ....looks like we are in a Pars mode now!
  9. Let's get real...we are bad just now , but surely we are bigger than RC ,PT ,ICT,Killie, Motherwell,Hamilton Fakes?
  10. Pass what the gun or poison?
  11. The guy is not very good in interviews ... But what about the BT team ?.. 3 pundits all Celtic /Motherwell no Saints rep absolutely shocking total pish!....
  12. All too late we have shown a lack of ambition from start of the season and thereafter, in a very low level league we will be relegated whilst 2 Highland League teams will survive ,along with a few teams aka Accies ,Thistle ,St.Johnstone as well,... really piss poor ! After a long time of looking at it in the positive ! I am now totally hacked off and probably won't bother next season ....even looking for the score in the bottom league ....get rid of Teale ,he was never up to the job , but was still better than the BOD first choice of that wee fud Craig...all in all train wreck !,,,,bring on Morton
  13. Yes it's all looking like what we deserve really given the BOD choices on the cheap for the Managers , the sale of your best player mid crisis to another SPFL team and no drive or desire from the top. And yes the BOD have been legends for what they have achieved in the past but we needed new blood in the boardroom .....god we are really in free fall ! At least we will get to play Morton soon?
  14. Everyone sees this bar the Manager? No defenders signed ....when it's been blatantly obvious for couple years we are missing decent defenders?end of!
  15. Why would Gus leave and come back to us.....he has a better squad where he is!
  16. Oh dear our defence has been rank and we sign this guy?
  17. Sorry ,...to sell our best player to another Scottish club shows our real lack of ambition. Looking at the stats today we are still very much a crap outfit !....we are now a good way below teams historically that were below us ! I know we will get the usual stuff on here oh! we are saints for life but sorry it works both ways the board should be , however as much as I admire what the board have done to save the club and we have the great set up that we enjoy!( better than Aberdeen at this time ) it's very disappointing we are here today total joke ! Can someone from the bard give us an update on where the see us in the future please after they get there deal ?
  18. I would have preferred selling to Fleetwood at the loss rather than the sheep!!...he will will haunt us everytime we play them ,having said that it won't be that often after this season ...
  19. Reminds of the tine Ian Ferguson was injured whilst still at saints and was allegedly seen in town shopping with his burd with a Rangers top on .......
  20. Seems to me every time we win a trophy we implode within 2 seasons?
  21. I thought Harkins tackle was worse than any saints tackles but nothing from ref the inconsistency is terrible ! I think the club are correct to ask SFA why we are being punished every week by very poor officials?.... look we know it is tough sometimes and things usually even out etc but this has become a joke!
  22. Bottom line we are not good enough good chance today after going up one nil HT to push on against a fairly middling team GT is not the answer and our board need to get active in some way soon!!....back him or sack him!!
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