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  1. Sorry I cannot accept our interim Manager saying McLean should be gone on to bigger things by now on Sky or in press.... ok we all know the lad will move on etc, but as Saints manager you down play it at this stage especially when we are in a dog fight !...can you imagine Fergie coming away with that naive crap? Bottom line shows G T is still very much in learn mode ....as a real Manager ....but seems to be getting more as a coach than the tit! Mind you so good most of us ! Worst Manager ever?
  2. I do think we have 2 good players worth money, just look at some recent deals for young Scots players down south or abroad our boys are the real deal, but because it is Saints clubs will try it on .......
  3. Whiteman captures my thoughts perfectly .....we are a bit of a joke re cashing on on on limited talent compared to our peers !.... It's looking so bad now we canny expect young talent to hang about...... all through our history , once we have success we implode 2 years later......
  4. Would that be the same Alex Miller that wore a *** top to his first training session as Saints mgr? he is a coach anyway not a Manager got the boot from the Sheep for that reason ....never never!
  5. TBH Teale was already stated as being a low appearance option as a player this season so it won't really make much difference ,however we need to get a new manager and clear out the old baggage and start afresh in my opinion........ which rules out the aforementioned players currently at the club ...end of!
  6. Lets be honest these guys are going to say yes and they do have some merits with their efforts to date ,albeit Gary is part of the current shambles, however we are in the same spot as when the board appointed (him) i canny say his name but you know who I mean, the worst Manager in clubs history..... so lets not take the lazy option this time and make sure we appoint someone with experience and good contacts to try and get some quality in cheaply to survive the battle to stay in SPL!!
  7. All this crap is avoiding the fact we are a total embarrassment !
  8. Ian McCall no way !".....an arrogant no mark!
  9. God to me this says it all to go to Braehead on a mad Xmas day shopping instead of the footy really shows how crap we are get this clown Craig out now please!
  10. I feel what he has said lately and his comments in this ilk at the AGM only makes it more obvious this guy is clueless and has put us back years ! We are now in downfall while Nero fiddles.... the staff keep saying we played well early on .....but couldn't score ...now we are not playing ! well sorry but the team have all looked the same........totally inept!!....he is in denial and thinks he can wave a wand worst Saints Manager in history end of !
  11. We need to shift this complete waste of space ASAP ,his comments re last night " we lack confidence"! ....hello you numpty is that not your job to instil confidence after all you got rid of the sports coach stating that you can do that ?.....the big problem unfortunately , is that you can neither manage which is supposed to be your day job never mind the rest you are the worst manager in the clubs history but when asked how you feel about the fans being unhappy you get silly and rude please GTF your are now a total embarrassment for the club and yersel!
  12. Just had a read through the Annual Report and we really need to keep the fans onside!....... and like or not they are voting with their feet due to the shambolic performances under TC .Even season ticket holders are staying away! I won't make the meeting next Wednesday but it should be interesting to say the least?
  13. Please go ya waste of space !....go and watch yer first love Celtic and leave us to pick up the mess you have made of the wee club we love ! You are a total embarrassment , all the crap you spout after each defeat is a joke you bought a lot of inferior players and say that are missing a guy that's a legend but is 36 did you not take that into mind when bringing these wasters to the club please go ya total fud!,
  14. Well said captured the feelings of all fans who care!
  15. The idiot said after the game it's our inability to score ,yes Tommy who bought the crap up front? Please go now ya fud!!!!!!!!
  16. There would be plenty of ambitious Managers willing to take on this job as we are still a good club with potential so don't think that all we need is the new ownership thing to be sorted and we can get this done!
  17. I think the fans have given him support to be honest albeit grudgingly to to performances , but to go on with this shambles is really not an option , end of! We are really starting to implode as a club which is making for very worrying times!
  18. Let's face it this Manager is totally out of his depth as is the players he brought in , we are a joke!!!!!!
  19. I get annoyed by the crap the TC spouts every week! He has bought poor players and he is clueless sorry ... but it's obvious we are so far behind teams that we should not be !!!....we need some direction from the top. . I respect our board but they have done nothing to support the appointment of the Mr Clueless? Which I am concerned by .......SC has never hidden before so we would appreciate a comment from the board on where they think we are???.....we need to do something soon Thomo is not realistically going to make a change till next year and at this rate we will be doomed ? Please and before all the usual crap I don't post here often but after 40 years I am angry,so sorry!
  20. Sorry , he looks poor on what I have seen to date!
  21. I got an email circa 3weeks ago asking to reconfirm my acceptance of email instead of paper?
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