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  1. Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes were superb at St Luke’s last night. The voice is still a wonderful thing, even if it’s getting a bit gravelly now. Impossible not to bounce along, particularly when the brass section stepped up. Teensy bit disappointed ‘Hearts Of Stone’ wasn’t in the set. Looking around, it was clear anyone in the hall under 50 was venue staff [emoji17]
  2. Edmund King OBE chips in to get Phil The Greek's back. Whoodathunkit?
  3. Ten years ago, I paid over £100 a ticket to see Tom Waits at the Edinburgh Playhouse. It was music, theatre and spectacle. It was worth every penny ???? Can’t see Waits ever touring Europe again. It was one to tell the grandkids about. On the other hand, tickets for the New York Dolls at the Garage a couple of years later were £17.50 plus fees. Brilliant gig!
  4. Innes & Gunn have opened a microbrewery & ‘Beer Kitchen’ in Ashton Lane where Ketchup used to be. Very decent menu - just about everything is cooked with one of their beers somehow ????.
  5. Did I just hear "Four whiskies into a pack of Lucky Strikes, I'll take my heartbreak with a little bit of ice"? Brilliant, sarcy lyric! Don't know if HA wrote the lyric (she co-wrote 'Burning Down Birmingham'), but she sings it wonderfully. Thanks, BuddieinEK, you may have given me my next best new favourite singer/songwriter.
  6. Got tickets for Nils Lofgren at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh on 20th May. Been going to see him every tour since '76. His guitar work just makes me weak. When you've been picked as a band member by both Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, you've probably got something special... Got up super early on Friday to get tickets for Roddy Frame at Kelvingrove Bandstand on 11th August (8.50am IS super early!) . The guy's a genius.
  7. On BBC IPlayer for the next 28 days ;-)
  8. 2 years ago yesterday I posted this! Then my daughter picked up a nasty back injury...and the weather beat us twice (I should have checked with Sean or Heather before heading to Durham on a wild goose chase). But today...we jumped out of a wee plane at 15,000 feet and started falling at 140+ mph! We've made our target due in no small part to some of you guys on here. My daughter (pictured below) keeps saying 'But they've never even met you...So generous!'. She really does appreciate your help. And I do too. With all the charities and good causes wrestling for your hard earned, it was outstanding of you to support us. Many thanks. We'll be closing down https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hurleyskydive in a few days but I've heard some people donate even after the event has taken place...
  9. Uber drivers are self-employed but charge rates set by Uber. They have fixed overheads (car loan, insurance etc.) which must be covered before they start earning. So, if Uber reduce their fares, drivers will take longer to reach the point where they are effectively keeping the income themselves. In turn, it takes longer before their takings, averaged out over the number hours they work, equates to NMW. I should have expressed this as 'the equivalent of NMW'. Sorry.
  10. Can't be bothered to count how many posts on this thread are on topic. Gonnae guess it's less than 10. Uber started their London service. Lots of drivers left minicab companies and signed up. Uber then dropped their rates (and consequently, income to drivers) to close down competition. Drivers had to work much longer hours to make National Minimum Wage. Don't know about you, but I think National Minimum Wage (or, better still Living Wage), is a good thing. Long term, Uber will have such a dominant position that they'll be able to set fares at whatever rate they want. Do you think this will necessarily be reflected in the rate drivers get? More importantly, do you think the half a million punters who have signed a petition demanding TfL reverse their decision will be delighted to pay much more for their UberX? I believe companies will spring (back) up to provide a living for the 20-40k drivers who lose their jobs if Uber perishes. Final question: When the law prohibited sending boys up chimneys, who thought 'That's awful - how am I going to keep my chimney clean?' Not every pre-existing situation can be supported with a clear conscience.
  11. When we reach the Champions League Group stage and get drawn in Barca's group, you can judge for yourself [emoji12] Although, that might not happen before 2021...
  12. Just popped over to catch Barcelona v Eibar (no I didn't - I was on a cheap wee City Break and fancied the Camp Nou experience while I was close). The great man made several other great chances over and above the FOUR he scored. The team were lovely to watch and it's an astounding stadium but there's no carpet shop up the road to browse round before the game, so I'll stick with the Buddies just for now [emoji38]
  13. I think we'll find that Mr Rooney, or My Client, as he will hereafter be referred to, has a rare and serious, but hitherto undiagnosed medical condition, which artificially raises his blood alcohol level whenever he is in close quarters to others in public bars, lounges and particularly champagne bars. It is important this is not misconstrued as evidence that My Client has himself consumed a right swally. This complaint is understood to date back to extensive contact with a former manager from the Govan area of Glasgow who had a curiously related gastric condition which came to light when he needed to speed past ordinary mortals on the hard shoulder of the motorway.
  14. A good condition Knebworth t-shirt was on US eBay a few years back for $2,500. It didn't sell. [emoji17]
  15. I love an economic, wry lyric and you'll go a long way to beat 'I took her love at seventeen, A little late these days it seems, But they said heaven is well worth waiting for' from 'Hot Dog'. And I just love the rhythm and simplicity of 'Fool In The Rain'. Not that a single funk is given by anyone, 'Physical Graffiti' takes the No1 spot for me. I was at Knebworth '79 too. Anyone want to pay Peter Grant-sized amounts of money for a very good condition programme?
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