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  1. Remember May '87? March '13? They felt so much higher because we've endured the lows.

    1. shull
    2. shull


      Remember April 1st 2015

      St Murn got selt.

  2. Is there any way to lower the limit on dangerously sh!te drivers by 40%?

    1. insaintee


      Aye stay at home or get a taxi

    2. shull


      I'm hame and I've got a Taxi.

    3. Kendo
  3. No Thanks. That's all.

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    2. scottd


      No ambition would be more appropriate.

    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      No freedom of choice, seemingly........

    4. TediousTom


      cowards more like, bloody cowards.

  4. I'm a Buddie. It's better than sex. Once a fortnight for 9 months of the year, it's certainly more frequent than sex.

    1. shull


      You've done better than me, i only got nookie in 1987, you got it in 26, 59 and 2013 tae.

  5. Goodwin. Anagram of Wino God.

  6. It's the final reel of the movie. Happy ending...or Two-Lane Blacktop?

  7. Can IsmaLightning strike twice? Mmm. Hope so.

    1. saintnextlifetime
    2. TediousTom


      Yes, lightning strikes many times a day and can (and does) strike the same place twice. Isma lightning however is difficult to predict as it does not exist.

    3. saintnextlifetime


      C'mon Tom , don't be tedious. .

  8. Can IsmaLightning strike twice?

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