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  1. ...which is absolutely no reason to stop donating...
  2. I can heartily recommend fellow Buddie, Mark Shand... http://www.passinerskine.co.uk/
  3. Opus Records in Johnstone Street was way cooler than Listen. I owe a lot to the knowledgeable staff at Listen, but Opus pre-dated it and had that Woodstock spirit...
  4. Right! If I ever catch any of you guys touching my daughter, I'll... Oh, wait a minute. I think I may have misunderstood. When she said she was touched by the guys on B & WA, I think she meant she was touched by your generosity! ​ Seriously, though - you've been brilliant. Thanks a million. (There's still time if you haven't yet forced open the old wallet )​
  5. I'm struggling. Can any kind Buddies help me? My daughter has lupus - you know, what that Selena Lopez lassie came out as having the other day. She's never pain free but she rarely complains. My daughter, that is. I've heard Lopez never stops girning. So, we're planning to do a skydive to raise funds, but it's one of these deals where you need to raise a grand before you can do the jump. We're well over half way there but we need a lot more. Is there any chance the good folk of Black and White Army dot com could dig deep and take us closer to the target? I guarantee the Hibbs Lupus Trust has nothing whatsoever to do with the Hibees! Thanks in advance to anyone who coughs up a quid justgiving.com/hurleyskydive
  6. Nils Lofgren at Edinburgh Queen's Hall in November and Lucinda Williams at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in January. So disappointed Glen Hansard's only UK gig on his European tour is in London...
  7. The third topping on the "Special Burger" should be 'jalapenos'. Pedantic? Moi? (I'm uneasy with 'Macho Fries' on the grounds that it's the only punny title on the entire menu and therefore may also be a typo, but I'll let that one slide...)
  8. Two things I like to tell my kids about and any other young 'uns who'll listen, dating back 20 years or so to when I had my nuts nullified - firstly, the pre-op instructions required the area to be shaved. When the male nurse at the SGH saw my efforts, he remarked that I'd been unnecessarily zealous. Basically, I'd just carried on down south from shaving my face. Pubes are bleedin' painful while they grow back. Secondly - and this is absolutely true - the local anaesthetic didn't work the first time it was administered. Which is alarming. So they tried again. After a second injection in the scrotal zone and a pause to let the knackers become numb, they started work again with the scalpel. Imagine the pitch of my voice as I told them the area still wasn't anesthetised. Oh, how we laughed! Post-op swelling and bruising was pretty bad but, because I was clearly a VERY fecund beast, a lot cheaper and less painful than having a larger family .
  9. Remember May '87? March '13? They felt so much higher because we've endured the lows.

    1. shull
    2. shull


      Remember April 1st 2015

      St Murn got selt.

  10. Is there any way to lower the limit on dangerously sh!te drivers by 40%?

    1. insaintee


      Aye stay at home or get a taxi

    2. shull


      I'm hame and I've got a Taxi.

    3. Kendo
  11. For what it's worth, my view is that the adverts are not designed to indoctrinate impressionable Panda Club members or change the voting intentions of hardcore Saints supporters, but rather they give a wee bit of support to the local football club from community-minded organisations. I might choose to have coffee and a sticky bun in a nearby café because I know the proprietor has the same affliction as I have, but I'm not going to embrace a left-wing lifestyle because a hoarding told me so. I despise UKIP, but I would have no objection to SMFC taking their money. I would, however, object to advertisements promoting sectarian or extremist organisations. Neil Bibby - OK. Mujihadeen or Sons of Struth - no thanks. From a legal point of view, you might be surprised how little of a f*uck I give.
  12. No Thanks. That's all.

    1. scottd


      No ambition would be more appropriate.

    2. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      No freedom of choice, seemingly........

    3. TediousTom


      cowards more like, bloody cowards.

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  13. It's imaginative, eye-catching and it references our roots and traditions. Were NONE of you at last London Fashion Week? The backlash backlash starts here.
  14. DannysRevolution said: 'Positively moist at the news' At least your moisture is positive.
  15. I'm a Buddie. It's better than sex. Once a fortnight for 9 months of the year, it's certainly more frequent than sex.

    1. shull


      You've done better than me, i only got nookie in 1987, you got it in 26, 59 and 2013 tae.

  16. Goodwin. Anagram of Wino God.

    1. insaintee
    2. Kendo


      Good dog on win. I ghosted a few extra letters in.

    3. insaintee
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  17. If you can be bothered, check yesterday's post-match Off The Ball on IPlayer to hear a lengthy discussion without a second's doubt that Sevco would win the Ramsdens Cup. Taking part were Spiers, English and Cosgrove. So much for the experts.
  18. It's the final reel of the movie. Happy ending...or Two-Lane Blacktop?

  19. I always liked the way the owner made his humble name sound cosmopolitan and sophisticated. The owner's name? Lafferty!
  20. I know a friend of the deceased driver. Let's not pander to misplaced manners - it was caused by stupid and dangerous driving. I just wish I had a reason to believe the waste of a kid's life would stand as a warning to his friends who drive like idiots, but I don't. As others have said, thank goodness no-one else was hurt. It might not sound like it, but I do feel sympathy for the driver's family & loved ones.
  21. I've used the VW Centre many times - they obviously work on any make, not just Volkswagens - and I would recommend them.
  22. I understand the plan to install a plastic pitch is designed to let the team train on it and also to let them generate income by letting it out. Bit of a win/win by the looks of it...
  23. Can IsmaLightning strike twice? Mmm. Hope so.

    1. saintnextlifetime
    2. TediousTom


      Yes, lightning strikes many times a day and can (and does) strike the same place twice. Isma lightning however is difficult to predict as it does not exist.

    3. saintnextlifetime


      C'mon Tom , don't be tedious. .

  24. Can IsmaLightning strike twice?

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