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    Alenexterie reacted to faraway saint in League Cup Final Saints V Hearts 17/3/13   
    You know what your like, if we lose a game or two before the final you'll be wanting Lennon sacked.
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    Alenexterie reacted to div in B&w Army 8S - Every Wednesday 2000 To 2100 Sign Up Now   
    Ok so having confirmed the interest level was there I have now gone ahead and block booked the Dome for a weekly game of 7-a-side.

    The game will be on;

    Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm

    The dome costs £70 per hour and there will be 14 playing every week so it's going to be £5 per head if you play.

    If you want to play.....
    Please send an email to [email protected] together with;

    1) Your forum username
    2) Your real name
    3) Your daytime telephone number
    4) Your mobile telephone number
    5) Your email address (I will get that off the email you send me)

    Don't put any of your personal details here on this thread, please email the above address with the details.

    How it works......
    At the end of this week I will publish the first rota. This rota will be published in this thread and also emailed to everyone.

    The first 14 people to send me their details will be offered a place in week one. Assuming we have more than 14 names then all the remaining names will go on the reserve list.

    Once you have a place in the game it is yours every week until you can't play. Once you drop out of the game your place will be offered to the person at the top of the reserve list and you will go to the bottom of the reserve list.

    I will work up something better than that once we know how many bodies we have looking to play.

    Initially if you just want to play every now and again just tell me that and I will put you on the reserve list.

    So email away everyone who wants to play sevens from next week please !

    [email protected]

    Confirmed Players In The Squad So Far (last updated 6th May 17:00)

    01. Div
    02. Manc Saint
    03. Army of Ewan
    04. Rea
    05. Robert1989
    06. RUssellV1
    07. Tam M
    08. DannysRevolution
    09. Liason909
    10. TsuMirren
    11. JJMCG
    12. Charlie
    13. irvine_buddie
    14. Gordonjbell
    15. Gordonjbell's Morton Supporting Mate
    16. NeilPar72
    17. Lovestreetlover
    18. Andy Newport
    19. South Section 5
    20. Brian1877
    21. paulsmfc
    22. Bill Bud
    23. homesickbud
    24. Mr Zo
    25. Saintstef
    26. Andy Farmer
    27. Big Ben
    28. Pappas Cheese

    Note that the numbers and order above is irrelevant, that's just so I know how many bodies we have in the squad. If your name is not down above please do email [email protected] to make me aware. A few of the above have said they can't play in the first game and that will be taken into account when I name the first squad for the first game on Wednesday 8th May.
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    Alenexterie reacted in Never Mind The Boll#cks, Let's Have A Fan Led Approach?   
    Sevco to div 3 it is then
    lets see what shenanigans unfold to try and stick them into the Spl
    Edit: Green & McCoist accept div 3, let's see what Doncaster & Regan try to pull now
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    Alenexterie reacted to jimdickloyal in Speculation Thread   
    My calls for a speculation section so far have been unanswered!
    I think we need a special section for the questions such as
    Who should we sign?
    Who would you like us to sign?
    What players are currently free and looking for a club and may do a job for St Mirren?
    There IS a place for speculation, we ALL like to do it and thus far this forum does not really allow us to do it without comments (from people like me) such as "thats not a rumour".
    So please speculate here (and if you believe in such a section then maybe the mods will see it too) and it may make the rumour mill slighty more credible!
    I shall start
    Goalkeeper...I would love us to go for Jamie Langfield
    Defence......Keep Will Haining
    Midfield.....Marcus Niculae now that he has been released?
    Striker....Leigh Griffiths?
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    Alenexterie reacted to Tennant's Lager in Smisa Agm - Sunday 31St March   
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    Alenexterie reacted to NeilPar72 in New Kit 2013-14 Sneak Peek   
    Not sure about the pattern in the stripes.
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    Alenexterie reacted to Reatham Saint in London Saints In F3K   
    Looks like another Carlsberg-fuelled Sunday then.
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    Alenexterie reacted to shull in The Danny Lennon and Tommy Craig Appreciation Thread   
    Fantastic the pair of them.
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    Alenexterie reacted to HSS in Smfc-On This Day.....   
    I'm here......
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    Alenexterie reacted to HSS in Smfc-On This Day.....   
    1987..Scottish Cup...M*rt*n 2 St Mirren 3
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    Alenexterie reacted to bluto in Esmaël Gonçalves   
    Don't be so pessimistic. Many things will contribute to his decision-making.
    The fans will be 100% behind him and the team; Paisley night-life; there's the weather...

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    Alenexterie reacted to Murray7 in Esmaël Gonçalves   
    Rio Ave winger/striker joins on loan until the end of the season;
    Dodgy Google translate from their official website;
    Rio Ave FC reaches agreement for transfer of Esmael The Rio Ave Futebol Clube arrived moments ago, according to a securities lending athlete Esmael St. Mirren Football Club, currently racing team in the premier league Scotland (Scottish Premier League). The young striker will thus embrace a new phase in the career for which we wish the best of luck and look forward to his return in the season finale. Boarding Path to Victory! Nothing official from our side, but would certainly point towards the 'Portuguese trialist' we had been looking to sign. *OFFICIAL* Signs on loan until the end of the season, clearance expected before the semi final
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    Alenexterie reacted to Callum Gilhooley in Song Connections   
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    Alenexterie reacted to beyond our ken in Song Connections   
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    Alenexterie reacted to whydowebother in Message To 10000 Hours & Mr Gilmour - From The Fans   
    Almost 99% of St Mirren fans polled have said their wish is for St Mirren to vote NO NEWCO
    There is no need to hold back on a decision for St Mirren , please go public & follow the fans wishes.
    Integrity must come first.
    This thread will contain NO NEWCO in each persons message - there is no grey area for us .
    Join Hearts & Dundee Utd , do the right thing , go public state our postions - loud & clear
    Would be good if you add a reply to prefix your message with NO NEWCO / YES NEWCO so its clear where you stand & its visible to 10000hrs & Mr Gilmour.
    The debates can stay on the other threads let this one be NO/YES please , thank you
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    Alenexterie reacted to beyond our ken in Cancel Your Direct Debit Mandates   
    and anything else you have signed with 10000 hours, but let them know you will be happy to reinstate if both St Mirren and 10000 hrs publicly distance themselves from the proposals to help rangers, before the proposal fails for other reasons
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    Alenexterie reacted to saintnextlifetime in St Mirren V Celtic League Cup Semi Final   
    Indeed. .
    I hope we get a decent turn out again . I can still remember wee Strachan's interview after we f**ked horsed humped pumped them that day , he just kept saying" Saint Mirren , Saint Mirren" , priceless. .
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    Alenexterie reacted to bluto in Paisley - My Pics Of Old Or Unusual Buildings Or Places Of Interest.   
    I'll... er... hang about till then, then?
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    Alenexterie reacted to mikesmfc in Unnamed American   
    An unnamed American has launched a £1.5m bid to take over at St Mirren. (Daily Mail)
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    Alenexterie reacted to buddiecat in Tile Bar Bus   
    gringo felt like letting him down, but forgot i did add one for, him somehow i got his name written down as c hunt, must have been the stonehaven lager'
    got your 4 tickets ordered by the by
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    Alenexterie reacted to saint_gunner in Tile Bar Bus   
    We are planning to run a bus to the Morton cup game. We will be leaving at 2pm on 21st, tickets will be on sale from Saturday 7th July, price £5. Would all last season members who have not contacted Kenny or Rab please buy a ticket as we cannot keep seats. Sorry for any trouble.
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    Alenexterie reacted to waldorf34 in Smisa Why The Silence?   
    nothing on this website since November,no meetings arranged,nothing on the new league structure,whats going on?
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    Alenexterie reacted to shull in St Mirren V Celtic League Cup Semi Final   
    Win this and we will have a wonderful non bigot Final.
    We can do it.
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    Alenexterie reacted to div in This Forum, It's Rules and Your Behaviour   
    I've just read through the latest batch of complaints on the forum and thought I'd just remind you all about a few key things.
    Threats of Violence
    The forum is all about opinions, and we won't always agree. If another poster is annoying you then you can choose to ignore their posts using the "ignore members" option. This is available by clicking where it says "signed in as....." at the top of the forum. You will see an option of "Manage Ignored Users" there.
    The same goes for guests of other clubs who come on and join in the forum. Although this is a Saints board it doesn't do much harm to have a few opposition fans drop in from time to time, and can help liven things up. By all means berate them and their team but there is no need to resort to making threats of violence.
    Religious Bigotry
    Religious bigotry also won't be tolerated, as per our rules and regulations which are clearly linked at the top of the forum. You don't need me to tell you there is a big focus on online religious bigotry and people even being carpeted in court and getting custodial sentences for posting certain remarks on the internet.
    We are all collectively responsible for ensuring that the board stays clear of this sort of thing which has absolutely no place in Scottish society let alone football. Leave the religious stuff to the two ugly sisters up the road, we are all better than that and above it so keep it off the board please and if you do see the sort of stuff I am talking about please use the report button.
    The mod team has suffered a bit in recent months due to technical issues, changes in circumstances, lack of time. Tom, David and NSS all do an admirable job when they are online but it's fair to say I myself have not devoted as much time as I should have done to keeping the place ticking over. That will change now, I will undertake to review the complaints panel every day so if there is anything on the forum which you think is breaking the rules, please use the report button and I or one of the other mods will deal with it.
    The future
    There are hopefully the first green shoots of some exciting things beginning to happen on the park. Off the park we have a lot going on. At times like these the forum should be coming into it's own as the best place to discuss all things St.Mirren. This is without doubt the busiest online forum for Saints fans and it will continue to exist for a very long time to come yet but we all have to play our part in making it reflect well on the club. At times recently I am sure some of the stuff on here has been an embarassment to St.Mirren.
    Please think about the above, get involved with the forum and remember that first and foremost we are ALL St.Mirren supporters.
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    Alenexterie reacted to See you next season in Hugh Murray   
    Put in a horrendous studs up tackle today and broke a Morton players leg. Act of thuggery.
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