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  1. eithe oingo or boingo should give an interesting connection
  2. strong fast able to hold on to a ball when challenged... wow for a 21 year old he's, ehm lets say quite well developed, 17 games in the french first division before that boavista youth. amai! classact then just 4 games for rio ave? maybe picked up an injury Hope he hits the ground running, it certainly sounds like a very good player
  3. kinda am ain't i, well just heard about Kelvin this morning, seems to be going, nobody knows wich club though, even his ex teammates don't know or don't tell. His brother has had offers, has to make a choice, and seeing his age he should stay near his family.
  4. Kelvin Bossman is set to go to scotland, dunno where ... he has a younger brother allen, who wants to go back to the Netherlands, but has had a lot of red tape hassle about his workingpermit, Norwich seem to want him, he is most helped with a short(er) contract at a place where he might make first team.
  5. from an interview of a young striker odd how things go sometimes over the course of the season I got my chance and approachig the winterstop I played every game in the base. The president came to me and told me I could get a contract. My agent had to contact him in order to discuss all the details and then I could sign. What I have understood is that that unfortunately never happened, my agent was unreachable. Consequence was, after I broke my metatarsal, i had no contract and I could return to England. I have rehabilitated the fracture in my foot and I later went looking for a new club, but that was only in October. Now I'm working on a club in Scotland, I cannot elaborate too far on that now.
  6. okay ican't help myself it seems ofcourse there is no rumour but let me introduce you to http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/hyun-jun-suk/profil/spieler_129990.html who is a fc Groningen player (yep my club)and yes this is a shameless promotion for him...but mainly has to do with the special circumstances. Groningen can lift a two year option in his now still cheapish contract but wil not because In the netherlands a non EU player has to be paid 458.000 a year (150% of the eredivisie average fee) and simply put he´s now on half that.... and even that is quite a bit considering his level and other available players. Scotland has no minimum fee regulation, just work permit as limitation, he might be willing to sign a pre contract, i´d say that´s even likely Groningen wants to loan him out, since he is not part of the core... compensation demanded would be low Ow.. and there is an angel to it, he wants to succeed in europe, and before him i didn´t realise how popular football in S Korea has become because he´s a southkorean hero fc Groningen got invited to an all expences paid +lucrative/fee Tournament in South Korea as was Sunderland http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1033272/sunderland-commit-to-peace-cup-in-south-korea?cc=5739 we finished last, still made good money, easily payed fur suk´s fee that year, and some more also was funny in the first week there´s one dutch tv crew and five different Korean crews reporting about the first training
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