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  1. You'll have to focus your energy on something other than rising to people like me on the internet if you have ambitions to be Professor The feeling is mutual, rest assured.
  2. The professor has arrived on the scene. I'd imagine you've never left your computer chair let alone pelted another adult in the plums with rotten tomatoes. Thanks for playing though.
  3. Strange comment considering the discussion was based around me calling out another poster for abusing one player and followed by myself defending the much maligned Obika, followed by agreeing abuse of previous boo boy Ryan Flynn was wrong... I assume you have a lot of other posters on ignore if i'm abuser number 1... Quoting an interview is stupidity? You must spend too much time on here - it's really getting to you. Go for a lie down
  4. That happened in the same alternate universe as you and St Ricky getting on Here comes the fan club... So noble of "DJC" to admit that he was wrong to abuse a young midfielder with little experience on a forum (made worse by him actually not performing too badly). So noble indeed. "We're starting to see the real Jon Obika" suggests underperformance to me, good to see you can't read as well as watch a game of football I don't enjoy this alias, can we get one of the classics back?
  5. Most have admitted Obika has been good since being paired with Jakubiak. Goodwin's interview lately would suggest he also thinks he has been underperforming until now. You, however, are just a lone maniac who thought you would rip into a 21 year old who had probably not strung together 10 1st team starts consecutively until the last couple of months. Anybody who thought Ryan Flynn was anything other than being used out of position is a mad man. Based on some of your posts you would struggle to make a case for you being a football fan full stop
  6. And somebody on here once said "you would struggle to make a case for him being a footballer full stop" Football fans, eh?
  7. Jakubiak has done absolute wonders for big Jon since he came in. I'd chat to him about a PCA asap. Wherever we end up he is worth a punt.
  8. Both being wrong would be the idea end result. 20 year top flight stay and a day in the sun in May...
  9. Shut the doors, print these words on the walls. The game is up. The mighty Cornwall has spoken.
  10. We are absolutely terrible. Will not win this game 3-1, beat Hearts on Friday, win the cup in May or finish in the top 6...
  11. Cloud cuckoo land aside. Definite upturn since Goodwin got his brave pants on and started playing the ball on the deck a bit as well as 2 upfront. What if...
  12. All well and good if we win it but we are very, very unlikely to and you're buying into an absolute fantasy. We are right in amongst it at the bottom, another play off would be very bad for the club financially potentially. More games and potential injuries to an already depleted squad in a relegation battle would be disastrous.
  13. Unwanted distraction from a very important game in just 3 days time. No injuries please...
  14. Are you sure the referee will allow 18,002 vs 11? Surely in breach of some pitch invasion law
  15. WUM I know but If only it was a passing game, the ball is permanently covered in snow. Nothing wrong with an effective long ball game, we can't even do that!
  16. Reliable as ever captain. At least this time it can't be blamed on tippy tappy football! We are horrid to watch.
  17. We're still in contention for finishing bottom too if you want to look it at that way. No wins in 5 or 6. Everything ain't as rosy as is being made out in some quarters. I don't think we should bag him either. Just my belief that we ARE underperforming in a few areas when you compare with other squads in the league. Also my belief that he is being given some slack due to his history ETA - Had a chuckle at your opening statement. That shows our standards as a club in the last 15 years rather than some sort of benchmark. Even more bonkers when you consider we sacked the man who delivered those 'high' finishes
  18. You have to feel that if this was any manager other than Goodwin, serious questions would be getting asked. Anything other than at least 4 points from our next 3 games and we are in trouble
  19. Spot on, with all these injuries we'll definitely be needing his presence to make up numbers on the bench
  20. Oh for goodness sake. It's Gavin Reilly all over again
  21. Yes, that's a good point. Striker is tiring and we don't have many options to replace him upfront...
  22. A midfielder on for a striker If your face fits I guess. Other results going our way I guess is a positive
  23. When did Morelos sign for Livingston. Non-existent Old Firm forum for this pish
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