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  1. Watched it again on buddievision - the ref was correct and Heaton was playing the Spartans player onside - didnt even matter that it deflected off our guy. Linesman got it wrong, ref called it right, we didnt even appear to stop really.
  2. There should be bins at the front where the stewards sit during matches.
  3. Watching the goals on buddievision - the ref called the first one right - we didnt really even appear to stop playing, maybe Heaton pulled from challenging the guy in the box but the keeper just did poorly.
  4. Couple of things - Cammy Smith needs to be played centrally, he's not a wide player and never will be, we need to have our best players in their best positions. Heaton looked awful, struggled to control the ball and was out of position a lot - he did start to look a bit more confident in the last half hour and hopefully its just a bit of nerves playing his first game but first impressions were not great. I thought Baird played okay, he certainly looked a lot better than Heaton. King's distribution was terrible, he must have had 10-15 crosses and none of them hit a man. Kudos to the Spartans team and the goalie in particular who pulled off some brilliant saves towards the end, he was a character too. Thank god we have Stephen McGinn, in his first 5 seconds on the pitch he showed the rest of the team what it was all about and led by example as usual.
  5. Nice wee article about Jason - says good things about the buds. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/jason-naismith-reveals-knocked-back-12758004
  6. That's where it gets messy - usually theres something in the contract to say that its kept separate but from what i understand this clause wasnt inserted with McGinn's. Would be easier all round if another player isnt involved.
  7. Didnt think it would be, there was no argument between us or anything offensive there.
  8. Is that what you got sinbinned for? That's nuts, there wasnt any argument there.
  9. We also lost another bud last week - Andy Wilson, 52 - funeral was yesterday.
  10. I can't post on the Chairman's Update thread, and I can't send you a PM because Div seems to have taken offence to me saying that David didn't reply to e-mails Mark. On the 14th of December 2016 at 22.18 I e-mailed him to ask a specific question about the various franchises that operate around the club. On the 15th of December 2016 at 12.25 he was copied into an e-mail where I resigned my membership having become frustrated over a period of weeks at the lack of response to a number of queries that I had sent to various members of the committee and to questions I was posting on the forums. He was then CC'd - along with other SMISA Committee members - into a number e-mails between Colin Orr, Barry Mitchell and myself and then to a subsequent exchange between myself and Andrew Jenkin. 

    The e-mail address I used for David Nicol was [email protected] 

    I had assumed Mark that he and George had just decided to ignore me completely as is their prerogative I suppose, as was it mines to be dissatisfied and to cancel my membership. 

    1. marrez


      Ill speak to Dave, id say its unlikely he ignored on purpose knowing the kind of guy he is though.



    2. marrez


      He couldnt find any email that you sent directly,  this is what he said


      "i dont have his email from 14th december, but in any case - he says he sent it at 10pm and resigned the next day?  I spoke to Colin about his email and we agreed that Colin would reply, did he expect a reply from everyone on the committee individually?"

    3. StuD


      Ofcourse not. But David claimed he hasn't recieved any emails from me. Now he seems to be admitting he got the resignation one but not the rest. They were all sent to the same email address. 

      Mark thanks for acting as an intermediary but David has my email address and could still contact me directly. He also has my phone number. My experience of SMiSA in general has been dreadful both times round and my experience with David has been as described - he didn't answer emails sent to him. 


  11. He has nothing in his smisa mail from you, only correspondence he has relating to you was between you and Colin Orr.
  12. For the record, dave's never been contacted by Stuart on email, but maybe he's spelled his name wrong on the email - as its Nicol, not Nichol.
  13. I do know Dave and i can tell you the amount of time and effort he and the other guys put into the St Mirren takeover was huge. He doesnt reply to posts on forums because he doesnt use forums but im certain if you emailed him then he would respond, he's approachable, friendly and was by far the outstanding candidate, he would have been Gordon's preferred candidate given the work they had done together at that point. All the guys involved in getting the takeover off the ground put in hundreds of hours at their own expense of time and family commitments but its easy to be critical of people from behind a computer, the opportunity is there for everyone to be more involved in Smisa if they want to and think they can do a better job.
  14. GS doesnt pick the Smisa member, Smisa pick the Smisa member. As for a yes man for GS, nothing could be further from the truth, we currently have a superb Smisa representative on the board who brings a lot to the table and was hugely instrumental in the buyout of the club from the old board. When his tenure is up we will be lucky to get someone else with as much drive and enthusiasm for the club but im confident the members will pick the right guy as we did at the last election.
  15. back has a strike too, its not just a panel.
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