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  1. If I had the money to buy the club Id install Fitzy as Chairman and have a statue off him made - you couldnt hope to have a better club ambassador than him.
  2. Wylde had pace but not much else - he lost a bit of pace over the years and thats why he became less effective each season, he really only had it in his locker to run past a player not with skill but just by being faster than him.
  3. Although i do agree - he was hopeless
  4. He was our third top scorer all season!
  5. For someone who was pretty shitey he had a decent return of goals.
  6. he's holding that shirt like its a Morton strip
  7. If Thommo is fit he's more than capable of giving 90 mins, he's a fit 36.
  8. Unfortunately that is the world we live in! Its crazy.
  9. The club are shocking at selling tickets - ive emailed the club 3 times asking about moving 6 season tickets - not had a single response going back 16 days now. We cannot be that inundated with season ticket enquiries that the club cannot respond to the volume of emails surely.
  10. They will move in about 30 days.
  11. Jim Jeffries did absolutely nothing off note at Kilmarnock or latterly Dunfermline.
  12. I dont think it will be Teale - they know if they pick Teale and it goes wrong the fans will be on their back 100%. If they pick someone up and coming like Murray then they will be given an easier ride if it doesnt work out.
  13. My info was just off old news articles - so it could well be..
  14. No - £500k for both clubs if they are relegated according to the reports from 2014.
  15. As most of us know - there is a parachute payment in place for relegation - £500,000. Roughly for finishing 12th we also get about £750k. This will take us to 1.25m - or the same amount of money if we had came 4th in the league this season. Next season we get a further £250k parachute payment, with anything from Close to £400k for 1st down to £155k for 8th (lets not be overly negative and assume we wont be in another playoff battle next season at the wrong end). I dont think they have published figures for last season but the breakdown the season before were... Premiership 1 £2,405,000 (-£315,000) 2 £1,718,000 (-£682,000) 3 £1,460,000 (-£60,000) 4 £1,289,000 (-£71,000) 5 £1,203,000 (-£77,000) 6 £1,117,000 (-£83,000) 7 £1,057,000 (-£63,000) 8 £1,005,000 (-£35,000) 9 £988,000 (+£28,000) 10 £902,000 (+£22,000) 11 £816,000 (+£16,000) 12 £730,000 (+£10,000) Championship 13 £387,000 (+£319,000) 14 £344,000 (+£277,000) 15 £301,000 (+£235,000) 16 £258,000 (+£193,000) 17 £241,000 (+£177,000) 18 £189,000 (+£121,000) 19 £172,000 (+£111,000) 20 £155,000 (+£95,000)
  16. We pay for the players lunches when they are training at Ralston dont we? The Ball release makes fantastic fiscal sense with that in mind.
  17. Did you not hear him speak the other week - he's not manager material. His results as temporary manager for Rangers has been abysmal.
  18. The way read it he was complimentary about our passion, cant deny Paisley has let itself go somewhat either. It must be frustrating for Tess to go from a saints team that was attractive to play in and exciting, to what he currently has.
  19. That's a point - surely that is a way around it - stick him as a sub?
  20. Does anyone know what Norrie is doing these days?
  21. Absolutely gutted if Kenny goes - he's been the one guy this season that his rolled up his sleeves and gave 100% in every game, becoming the player that we all hoped he would turn out to be.
  22. The loan system is essential but we need to actually know what we are getting - Plummer would have been good had he not been injured - Drury was always too lightweight - he always looked like he was battling against a heavy wind.
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