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Found 1 result

  1. Following today's announcement of Skyview Capital (sounds like the sports direct equivalent of investment firms) becoming not just a sponsor, but a "partner" in the club. Does the thought of a a US private investment company getting their feet under the table trouble any other smisa members or fans? look at the clusterf**k that befell Dundee amongst others. edit: sadly and for reasons best known to himself The site owner has moved this thread to the Smisa section where it obviously doesnt belong, and changed the actual title from "US private investment firm moves in on Smfc" to something suggesting a takeover which I certainly did not write. Skyview Capital was founded by Alex Soltani who is the current CEO. All relevant information is on the web for those who desire to know more about where the money is coming from. Re-edit: as you can see the site owner has changed the thread title again, moved the thread again and contributed to a series of false accusations and statements. It seems someone in power is very touchy about background checks on the legitimacy of individuals or businesses putting money into what is a Fan-Owned club. Seems they just don't want the fans to know or ask too much?
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