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Listening to the band Pele ahead of their 25 yr anniversary gig in Chester- anyone remember them!?
had a legendary gig at King Tuts in ‘94!!

Saw them in Fat Sam's in Dundee early 90s. Was a really good gig and had a pint with them after it. They were top lads and well into their footie. Think at least 2 of them were Tranmere fanatics??
Remember they were 'record of the week' on Radio 1 shortly after I saw them. Raid the Palace. Good live band.
Enjoy your gig Bud.

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For legal reasons this was released as an Edmunds solo single but it was actually recorded by Rockpile - my first ever gig that summer! :headbang

Apart from Edmunds Rockpile featured Terry Williams on drums, Nick Lowe on bass and Billy Bremner on guitar.

Thanks for the memories......................:spud5

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