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I'm Listening To....

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*cough*splutter* :o Jeezo! *cough*splutter* Danielle feckin' Dax?! You'll be onto Christian Death next!

I've never heard Christian Death, but if you want to burn me a copy, I'll give it a listen. :D

Never really been a great fan of Dax, but I heard 'The Id Parade' and 'Daisy' during a spliff and Newcastle Brown Ale fueled session twenty-odd years ago, and on the back of that, went to Stereo 1 and bought both the Inky Bloaters and Blast The Human Flower albums. There's a few good tracks on both albums but I learned never to buy albums until I've heard them while not under the influence. :rolleyes:

While waiting for the Reading-Liverpool game tonight, I'm listening to...


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They became big. Well, in a kind of Joy Division/New Order kinda way.

whey would have got bigger had Andrew Wood not overdosed!! selfish bassa, i suppose Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard went on to bigger things

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