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I'm Listening To....

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Since Crispy started the thread about sexy scotswomen, I've had a morning of Sharleen...

However, here's a strange vid of her with... Alan Rickman, tangoing in a Shell Service Station...


You can Say what you want... ffff...ffff


Here's a nice (apparently 'rare' - I'd not seen it) vid of that Say what you want song, too.


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Cannae beat a bit of Lodger. Quality!

This morning, I will be mostly listening to


One of my top three Bowie albums, Bowie being one of my top three artists. You are coming back to the side of enlightenment. You'll get your spurs yet.

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Aye, he was fúckin' serious as well.

Poison Heart - The Ramones

Both songwriters Pete Ham & Tom Evans hung themselves - it's an overused word but the song (Without You) certainly has it's share of tragedy.

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