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Millport and I went to see Spear last Saturday...brilliant gig so it wiz :) Have you made yer mind up about KJ yet Mr Howard...also on that subject..never new Paul Raven was in Prong...

Sorry, mate, due to the fact that some of the management in our place are thunderously fúcktardistic I couldnae get the time off and shall be unable to manage. Mind you, like I said I'm still corn beef fae the last time, two years back in April.

The Slits - Love Und Romance

X Ray Spex - Art I Ficial

Wire - Outdoor Miner

Siouxsie - Israel

Mmmmm, really need to get out more......

Top quality, mate.

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Visited the Red Lion folk club (not quite cold enough for the Arran sweater yet) last Saturday night and listened to Roy Bailey & John Kirkpatrick. They're basically a couple of old lefties. Kirkpatrick is the finest accordion player I've ever heard, and Roy Bailey has done and still does words and music evenings with Tony Benn.

Anyway, the thing that stuck in my mind was Roy Bailey's solo rendition of a Richard Thompson song called "Bee's Wing". A melancholy and wistful lament for a lost love, it was softly and beautifully rendered and was quite the most beautiful thing I've heard for some years. One of Thompson's very best. There's a wee YouTube vid of him (RT) singing it HERE. More than worth passing on - I hope you enjoy it.

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That album is well named...

About as obvious a "review" as the "No thanks" that made up the reception of Happy Mondays crack-addled "Yes Please" LP :lol:

Next you'll be calling it "Sh*t Sandwich"

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