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Bud the Baker

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I hope you f**kers realise that You're all going to Hell. unsure.gif

Don't mind. Just as long as YOU'RE no'there, ya fúckin' atheist bástard.....

Thanks for that, but I still think it's boring, poncy shite just waiting for a decent band to take a hold of it and do something decent with it. tongue.gif

Truer words spoken never.laugh.gif

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Ranking Full Stop -- The Beat. 100 times better than that Lily Allen pish that's on the TV just now.

What a great band they were. Best Friend, Stand Down Margaret, Mirror in the Bathroom. A lot to like about them.


Fúck me! You're correct! :blink:

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The Beat were one of my top bands, so much so I named my mobile disco after them way back when they were out. I called it “The Beat Machine” which went on to earn me lots of dough. :D Great days and a great band who still do the gig circuit

My Missus was once asked out by Rankin Roger. She told him to fuck off.

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