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Top 5 Jools Holland Shows


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Best Jools Holland show was last night at the armadillo with Jools and his big band.

Played a lot of blues, boogie - woogie and a fair old bit of ska. Top musicians , great gig, Ruby Turner was also there( great voice).

Played a great version of the specials 'enjoy yourself' for thier second encore, they were on stage for about 2 1/4 hrs nonstop - great value for money. :)

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The guy is over rated. I like the hootenanny but the rest of it leaves me nonplussed.

I decided a few years ago that i should try and like him, so I bought an album.

Big mistake, all blaring horns and clashing cymbals, I half expected them to go into the Batman tv theme at any time.

Shocker of a hootenanny this year......Paul Weller is both torn faced and pish. Viv doing Anarchy in the UK was midly amusing; however f"k'n grim for a NY show!

Well done Still Game though - quality portrayal of the 70's NY party. :toilet

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