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1/ Pointing and laughin at the xmas jumpers most guys are forced to wear..as their rellies have bought it...when you nip down the pub for a quick pint. :lol:

2/ A big 'ole fry up....cannae beat it on a cold xmas morning B)

3/ trying to decide which aftershave is less mingin..as you know you have to wear some(see xmas jumpers)

4/ Playing with the weans toys.We all do it...in fact most of us do it the night before.."Just to check it works ok" :P

5/ Used to like watching beardface from the Telecom tower on xmas morning...it was ALWAYS some dude on HMS whatever who got flown home to be with his wife and kids.Gets ye right there. :P ...Awwwww

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1 - getting a x-mas day gallop

2 -seeing the two weanz faces when they dont get whit they wanted :unsure:

3 - feeding ma fat face (again) awe day :wink:

4 - weanz in thier bed early mibae another gallop (aye right )

5 - watching the clock run doon into boxing day knowing the buds ur playing n pubs are open fore a festive swally :D

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1 The anticipation of limitless alcohol with the drink all day is acceptable pass

2 Same as above for lovely savouries and an eat till your chest hurts dinner

3 oh yes , the cherubs excitement as they tear in to gifts from Santa

4 och the let anything happen ...it's christmas

5 shouting at the telly - this is gash, gets worse every year

Merry christmas everyone................. :wink:

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