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Far Flung Fud Club

faraway saint

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The recent mud slinging from "real supporters" has resulted in the real need for all supporters who don't really give a fkuc and can't be arsed turning up to become one and become members of the official Far Flung Fud Club. :)

Dumfriesbud has (god bless, he doesn't have much of a life) come up with a real winning design for our official T-shirts. He has agreed, well, he husnae but he will, to take orders and supply the cheapest price possible, as we're all mean cnuts! :rolleyes:

Please sign up. We need to decide the maximum limit of games all members can attend in one season, we don't want to ruin our reputation.


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Better than poking esther. :rolleyes:

Where do I sign up to be a far flung fud! :)

Yer signed, so far Dumfriesbud (Well, he's gotta be in it, he's the Fashion Director) Fifesaint & Howard Hughes.....

Could do wi some more, at the moment could squeeze intae a phone box, overweight members permitting. :rolleyes:

Dumfriesbud, what sizes do these T-shirts come in? :wink:

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i'm going to move just so i can join!!!

does glenburn no count anyhoo - having spent most of my years close to town centre glenburn is feckin far flung!!

oh you missed out there it should have been the feckin far flung fud club!!!

There will be no f****** swearing in the club, your banned, even though ye wurnie in! :P

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