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faraway saint

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FFF No.14 (QARSAAN) will show his T-shirt on 11 April, Easter weekend, as we beat the Hibs. Anyone else?

Far flung, right enough.

Dumfriesbud reporting for duty ! :thumbs2 i`ll be there on the 11th April . :cheers

Also going on thursday night . :clapping

Almost local.

i'll be there on thursday night :cheers

Definitely local.

I'll no be, you need to wear something luminous, spot ye easy. :wink:

Part time fanny.

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Am I to assume this is your current place of residence? If you, you are in, if you so desire? Time we had some new members anyway, also I'll update the T-Shirt count.


You asked for 'mare' pictures, just fulfilling your wishes.

I'm still resident in Mount Florida, but judging by the locus of some your acolytes this may well qualify me. :rolleyes:

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Dissapointed you wrote that SFS,

Hopefully you've enjoyed your :guinness

What he said, or are you a knob without a drink? :rolleyes:

Anyway, I like watching football, which is entirely my choice, and who I watch, will remain so, it doesn't change who I support. Now if that's to complicated for you please hold yer breath for 5 minutes, that'll sort you. :rolleyes:

Just to give you the facts I watched the Old Firm game (Pish) Everton v Villa (Good to watch) & Derby v Man U (men against boys) Does that make me a traitor? :blink:


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Faraway Saint No 1 T-Shirt

Dumfriesbud No 2 T-Shirt

Fifesaint No 3

Howard Hughes No 4

Well St Bud No 5

"Son of" Faraway Saint No 6 T-Shirt

Inspector Grim, No7! T-Shirt

Dumbarton Bud No 8!

Dani Bongo No 9! T-Shirt

Rothesay Saint No 10!

Liverpool Bud No 11

Big Fras No 12

Leedssaints 1 No 13

Qarsaan No 14

Saint in Exile No 15 T-Shirt

Saltcoats Saint No 16

Lochwinnoch Saint No17

Mush No 18 T-Shirt

Robert Mugabe No 19

Mumbaisaint No 20 (Sorry, did your 4 t-shirts arrive?)

SHULL (Honorary Member) Nae number!

Charlie the Charolais (Official Mascot)

Please check and remind me if you have a T-Shirt that I haven't posted. Is there somewhere we can post pics or do they have to part of a normal post? :)

Edited by faraway saint
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