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faraway saint

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nss,im in springfield,next to eugene.

still havent bumped into your brother,if i had i,d have been having a

go at him about the cup result.

enjoy the close season,good luck with the boolling.

far flung fud no.5

Cheers Bud, he used to stay in springfield, I'll get you his number and you can give him a call, wind the cnut up :P

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Home, tanned and looking forward to next season already. Decided I'm going all out to beat my attendance of 2 games last season.

Happy Close Season to all, well, almost all. :wink:

Nae postcard, nae stick of Rock, nae cheap Ciggies or booze. :(

Welcome hame Lord Smokie of Fudland ye miserable baisturt :P:lol:

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