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Speculation Thread


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8 minutes ago, Transfer news said:

Going by Tanseys latest Instagram post it will be a swap deal. With him returning to Inverness in exchange for the player mentioned above 

Another one that can't cut the mustard when it comes to scoring.

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39 minutes ago, Transfer news said:

I’ve been told to not say any names but we’re in discussions with an ex Barrow, Wrexham, Livi and Falkirk striker. I would personally  be disappointed if he signed 

I'm happy with him , at 6 foot four he will cause teams problems . Reckon this guy is Goodies choice as is Calum Waters who played alongside Goodie at Alloa . Hopefully we get the Popescu ,Sam Foley and McAllister in too . 

Might Cash in the bet I put on Saints to be in the bottom two. 

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16 minutes ago, Ethan said:

Going by the responses from fans down there we will have a good one. I wonder if this is a Gus signing?

Don't really care who's idea it was to sign him. though I few have muted him as a Gus signing.

As long as he does the business.

As for Stevie May as a few others have muted, I also think nothing can be announced or confirmed until at least Thursday if at all anything.

Might be on the bench for the Hibs Game :)

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15 minutes ago, pod said:

Who's doing the pillorying.

No one. Well not on the criteria specified.

Quite a few people think that Cooke is not good enough, because they've seen him play and have formed their opinion on that basis.

I think he'll make decent back up to our first choice strikers, when they are signed.🙄

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