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Speculation Thread

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3 hours ago, Transfer news said:

Even with the photo of him in the dressing room

I'm not saying it isn't true, I'm saying it sounds like a name plucked from obscurity similar to the methods used by FB.

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16 hours ago, Transfer news said:

Going by his Instagram he flew over on the 27th of September so he has been training with us for some time now

I wonder why he hasn't featured in any unders games yet as a trialist, unless there are some rules against it for overseas trialists.

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48 minutes ago, Magic Monkey said:

For January or the summer?

Unlike 2 other posters - thanks for not using this to take a swipe at me. :cheers

I would presume we need one for the summer but we may need one for January if Hladky leaves early. No matter what has been said, that remains a real possibility. 

The player in question would come when needed, if the legal/contract details are sorted - but hick-ups are not being anticipated... 

I don't know if others are being touted or courted either, but at least it is good that we are fairly far on with a solution to an oncoming issue...

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