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Top 5 Movie Scenes

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little joes demise ELEKTRA GLIDE IN BLUE


squeeky bed DELICATESSEN

i am calling you from BAGDAD CAFE


david nivens whole performance in A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH

Table Football scene from Il Postino

Eclectic choices sir.

I had completely forgotten Electra glide. Very much an arty film of its time.

A matter of life and death as above, still watch it on DVD.

Il Postino is a wee gem of a picture.

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Off (with) the top of my head and bearing in mind it'd probably be different tomorrow.

Travolta's strut at the beginning of Saturday Night Fever

Resevoir Dogs - Let's go to work

Sgt. Howie getting burned in The Wicker Man

The final scene in Goodbye Pork Pie where John walks out in the buff to get arrested while just about everything else is in flames.

End of The Godfather where the door closes and Kay realises the truth............


Goodbye Pork Pie is a road movie set in NZ about a guy who gets a "Dear John" letter from his girlfriend and subsequently travels from the top of the north island to the bottom of the south one in an attempt to win her back. Don't think it's well known in this country but it really is an unknown gem, if you ever get a chance watch it!

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The Ice Sculpture Scene in Edward Scissorhands

The cinema scene when he speaks to frank from Donnie Darko "why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?" ... "Wy do you wear that stupid man suit?"

The scene from Fight Club where Brad pitt get's a beating from Gangster boss, pretty mental.

The scene from the Dark knight when the Joker approaches the table near the begining and sticks the guy's eye into the pencil. Also the opening scene is pretty cool... There, that's 5.

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1. Noodles stoned out his nut in the opium den in Once Upon a Time in America

2. "April Come She Will" scenes in The Graduate...stocking shot.. :wub:

3. Black Knight - Monty Pythons Holy Grail.

4. Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland humpage in Don't Look Now - best naughtiness in a non-naughty movie ever.

5. The donkey sex scene - comic genius. :)

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1.the good,the bad and the ugly. the bridge/civil war scene

2.scarface. the battle in the mansion and tonys death

3.clerks 2.jay doing the buffalo bill impression or the donkey show

4.a bridge too far.when the soldier runs out to get the canister,gets killed and its only berets in it

5.the hangover.the slideshow of the lost weekend when the titles are running.

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