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Pro Evo 2010 For Pc


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Found a great wee option file for those of us on the PC.

You can read all about it and get the file from here...Thanks to Turnbull Tornado

Right now I can only play Master League but I've set it up with all the Scottish Premier (with some First Division teams thrown in B) )

Remember and keep your original save file somewhere so you can swap back and forth to your original game if you want to keep your original progress so far.....

Enjoy :)

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:lol: I'm talking to myself then... I thought this would be quite useful to some... obviously I'm the only pes anorak on these boards..

Anyway, an update for those that may have it on PS3... thanks to malf1985

I haven't tried this yet, as I'm not buying the PS3 version till Christmas (but I will, eventually)

If anyone else tries it, you can let me know what it's like..........maybe :unsure:

Enjoy :)

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