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BBI speed testers

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Since I moved home I had to get Sky Broadband Connect which is a completely different package to which I had at my old address. However I keep getting disconnected from EA servers when playing Fifa 10 on PS3 ..... However other games have no problem online and have narrowed down to ISP actually speed as the reason for errors and online gaming problems.

I have changed micro filters, connected directly by ethernet rather than wireless and even went as far as using the emergency socket in the phoneline and still have persistent problems ......

Problem is sky take you into you modem settings by entering your modem details into address bar at top of page ( and this constantly tells you you have your maximum coonection speed, however this has Skys header at the top and I believed wasnt fully accurate as it was being slightly biased. I discovered THIS SPEED TESTER SITE FROM BT and your advised to do 4 tests over a 24hr period.

1st test was done then 2nd test was done and it certainly doesnt match watch the Sky site tells me

TEST 1 - 10.20am - 4593kbps D/Stream 8128 / 448kbps U/Stream

TEST 2 - 14.06pm - 4007kbps D/Stream 8128 / 448kbps U/Stream

Im semi confident that this site is pretty accurate however was just wondering if anyone else knew of any better sites or has had similar problems.

Thanks in advance for any techie advice you may have . . Saves me having to get through to New Dehli to explain several times that I simply think its their connection rate

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it may not be ur speed thats the problem. I had simliar problems for a while but got a thing called interleaving taken off my phone line and now i have no problems at all playing online. Does it do it all the time or just at peak times?

also my top speed is 1.5 mb so urs will be fine.

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