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Top 5 Bands You Haven't Seen Live


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Having witnessed Slade in 75ish, Nazareth, the Clash(6 times), The Ramones all at the Apollo and Hanoi Rocks with Johnny Thunders as support at Nightmoves, The Undertones at Tiffanys a couple of times,the recent amazing Green Day gigs, with Rush thrown in a few times for good measure my auld bastardness has stood me in good stead.............................

I regret not having seen Mott the Hoople, The Spiders from Mars, Mick Ronson, the Stone Roses (although I was unfortunate enough to witness 'well known non St Mirren supporter' Ian Brown in Manchester a few years ago at an event also blighted by Paul f**kin Weller, who drove out the 'John Mowat 77' by his 2nd alleged song) and the wonderful Beat, although I saw Ranking Roger supporting BAD..........................

Anyone wishing to have seen the Beatles, Queen, The Who, The Jam or Runrig, clearly has mental issues....................

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Bob Marley and the Wailers

Saw him at The Apollo in '80 on the Uprising tour. He was supported by the I Threes (his wife Rita & two other female singers) who were a sorta reggae-gospel fusion and also the backing vocalists for the Wailers. At the end of the support set the lights went off and a spotlight tracked Bob as he made his way to the front of the stage, walked straight into the microphone and bust out giggling - this seemed to go on for a good half-minute when the band kicked into Trenchtown Rock. For two hours Marley delivered a superb set mainly Uprising and the bulk of what would eventually appear on the Legend album.

Sad thing about the night was the attendance - we got our tickets on the night and were fairly near the front I doubt whether The Apollo was any more than half-full (1500-2000 at most) which given UK sales of Legend are approaching 3 million always astounds me. Especially strange given that a number of punk bands like The Clash, The Ruts & SLF (to name three off the top of my head) obviously appreciated reggae that The Wailers seemed to be destinctly unfashionable at the time - Year Zero + 3! :spud3

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Since my first ever gig - Slade at the Apollo in 1974, I've been lucky enough to see just about everyone I really wanted to. From 1977 to the mid 1980s I spent half my life at the Apollo, mostly hard rock gigs. Rush, UFO, Lizzy, The Who. the list goes on. Saw Led Zeppelin at Knebworth, and U2 in front of a small crowd at Strathclyde Uni in 1980. From those old days at the Apollo I regret not seeing Deep Purple, but that's the only one.

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was also at the bob marley gig at the apollo,was the only gig in there that i smelled

something other than stale beer and mold.

bands that i wish id seen....pink floyd,van halen supporting sabbath,the rolling stones at the apollo,the pistols at the silver thread(did it happen?) and jimi hendrix.

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