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Have had no contact details in my e-mail regarding direct debit for the CIC.

Has anyone else received their form ? I'm away next week back to work and would like to sort this before I leave.

Don't you read the thread? Try 3 posts back.

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A wee bit about the CIC in the Evening Times today. Not really any news in it though

Saints community takeover moves closer

The community-led takeover of St Mirren could be completed within the next few weeks.

An ambitious social enterprise project that would see a Community Interest Company (CIC) purchase a 52% shareholding in the club has been gathering momentum and, despite recent teething problems, could become a reality by the end of June.

The CIC, 10,000hours, have sourced eight different funding streams which will be used to buy out the £2m majority shareholding held by a group of directors – £1.2m of which will be in the shape of soft loans, the remainder in grants – and will find out shortly whether the last two of those funders will release their share of the money, allowing the takeover to be concluded.

“We are in the final stages of getting a decision, one way or another from the final two of the funders,” said Richard Atkinson, the Saints director leading the takeover.

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