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Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

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FFS... The last couple of posts. You guys! Don't you get it? Rangers never died. Rangers never ripped anyone off. Rangers never dodged tax. Rangers never ripped anyone off with share issues. Rangers never did nuthin'....

It was the spivs who owned the company who owned Rangers wot' did it.

Jesus, keep up!

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I didn't see the Smith interview, but read enough to get the gist of it. Never ceases to amaze me how timid and subservient are the interviewers when approaching the likes of Smith, Strachan, Old Firm Managers etc. Almost serves them right when the replies to questions posed are unfailingly insolent and aggressive , as though they have a nerve even daring to question those great knowledgeable legends of the game.

Perhaps the solution I favour would be politically incorrect, but wouldn't you just love the likes of Smith and his ilk to be interviewed pressingly , not by a timorous Chick Young (just too eager to please) but a Reggie Kray type figure, who would certainly brook no snide remarks or condescending replies ?

The thing to remember is that whilst these players and managers may have been better players than us fans, they don't know more about football than people who have watched - and paid for - football for decades.

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On 06/04/2017 at 11:03 PM, antrin said:

That great blogger about sevco - The Clumpany - has got a hit on his hands with this one!  :)


(no association meant or implied with our ped, the Buddie poster on here....)

Very  clever.

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Well... It's great that the BBC is finally publishing stuff in Scotland that has been online for months.

quite a fair explanation of SOME of the problems arising from the Takeover Panel judgement.  Insufficient -of course.

the career criminal King who the SFA would NOT allow to be a director of the The Rangers FC - cos that was too close to home for an acknowledged criminal for one of its clubs - turned a blind eye to him controlling the"holding company" (Rangers International Football Club). that controlled TRFC.  The SFA is guilty of accepting this chancer... In a line of chancers....

Anyway.... RIFC/TRFC.   both utterly new companies btw - no f**kin history!

as well as taking on no f**kin debts from the oldco's creditors. :angry:

TRFC owes everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) to the holding company RIFC, of which King Is the high Heid yin.  RIFC seemingly pays all the bills for the fitba club... In soft loans against assets....   Loans that constantly need repayment,  But, of course, there are also "management fees" leaking out all over the place.


all under the guidance of Dave King - a known "glib and shameless liar"

Even more than he was before, King has now become a financial pariah.

The takeover Panel sought his compliance with their rules.   He ignored it. In fact, he tried to cover up, dissemble, not tell the truth.... Really some could call it lying....

... so they've hit him with the big guns that have not had to be used before. Ever. For anyone. They're taking it seriously even if he isn't. And they're doing it immediately.

unless he offers to buy all shares at a certain price by a certain time, he is f**ked.  I think that was last Tuesday.  He's f**ked.

i think he thinks they were only kidding.  He thought that about the South African courts who let him off when he paid a 40+ Million pounds in fines for 40+ criminal convictions.




there is this thing called The Cold Shoulder... In which NO FINANCIAL ENTERPRISE will deal with anyone who has been cold-shouldered.

that is what has happened to King.

no banks, no credit companies nor financial institutions such as accountants or auditors will want to play with him..

this could be tricky when paying wages or suppliers or asking for season tickets up front.

Like when asking punters for even more good money to be thrown after daft...  Into any of their supporters clubs, which then might vanish into a spiv's pockets...

I feel sorry for the fans.  Honestly.  They should have learned...

i find this all fascinating. :)


what has this to do with St Mirren?

our club is one of the members of the SFA... Whose management lets this shite happen.  We are paying for and accepting this devious behaviour which allows a club to hire in players - it can't afford - to beat our teams.

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