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Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....


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40 minutes ago, Slarti said:
1 hour ago, antrin said:
A pretty comprehensive report on the latest state of the death of liquidation of Rangers.  HMRC settling for a mere £56m ( which means creditors will only get about 43p in the £ - who’d be a face painter, eh?)
And the SFA twisted its own rules to let spivs set up a new club (same bigotries) and let it leapfrog into the league.
It was a shoddy attempt to to placate bluenoses who pretend the current failures in Ibrox is still the same club.
The first phrase in this para…
“It doesn’t affect the finances of the current Rangers – under a different company structure – that creditors are in line to receive just over 14p in the pound over the car crash that the club’s finances became before they hit the wall. But these absolutes should surely end any further misguided attempts to present a scenario in which Rangers could have avoided liquidation and the need, essentially, to reform in 2012.”
…is a shoddy attempt to to placate bluenoses who pretend the current failures in Ibrox is the same club.  It might as well have read: “It doesn’t affect the finances of the current East Fife/Alloa/St Mirren/Queen if the South…”
It’s accurate though.  The death of Rangers is immaterial to all current clubs….   apart, of course, for the 12 year old new club that persists in pretending to have won umpteen trophies and leagues!  emoji1787.png

FFS, it's not 12 years old, it's not even 11.

Mea culpa!

(which is what David Murray has never stated/admitted…)



eta: probably too scared to utter a Latin phrase - too papish for the bigoted prods…

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Well… those fans are no mugs, after all.
they won’t buy used shares from criminal Dave King!
£13m for 14.47%? So they think their club is worth about £90m? They could have got it from Murray for £1 not that long ago.
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